About Me

Skills: stylized portrait photography, stop motion animation, animation set design, wire frame caricature construction, caricature design, clotheing design, I use a canon EOS 50D still digital SLR camera,

Creative Motion By Casey Miners

I am a solo Visual artist, Professional photographer and Stop motion animator. I bring my work to life through photography... I do everything myself…

Currently located in Bundaberg Queensland,

Genuine enquiries only please... I wont waste your time so please dont waste mine

What is valued higher?....

Paying the artist for their ideas?

Paying the artist for your ideas?

Paying the artist to collaborate with your ideas?

Being paid with photos to help give you experience and expand your portfolio?

Having your accommodation, travel, flights paid for & paid in cash without receiving any of the photos & having no proof of your experience?

Or negotiating your terms and conditions?

Escorts are welcome but they are to stay away from the set on location and will be asked to wait in the car if shoot is inside or studio … “I don’t run a peep show or a petting zoo”… and I defiantly don’t let my friends come to watch your photos being taken so I don’t expect yours to either…

Current ongoing projects:

Sci-fi / fantasy
Erotic book series/ posters
Body paint Series
Dark thriller short film
Photographic Graphic Novel
Highly Creative Dark Fantasy Fashion Poster Series

Custom assignments are welcome...
feel free to contact me for my rates and booking info...

Casey Miners






28 Nov 10 16:32
love your all images there is so much passion in it http://zarihsretouching.com/
17 May 10 04:39
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos :)
30 Jan 10 20:22
Wonderful captures, both inside and out in the beauty of Australia, as you showcase your talent with a plethora of beautiful muses.
09 Oct 09 10:35
Hello, good profile! Please, visit my profile and tell me what do you think about me. Thanks, Ruslan.
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