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Please keep in mind that just because a majority of my portfolio contains Art Nude work does not mean that is the ONLY style of work that I am capable of producing.
Hello my name is Gabriel Rivera, Thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio. I have been a photographer for several years with experience as a professional wedding photographer, sports team portraits, family and individual portraits, models, boudoir style, and of course Artistic Nudes.
I think to say photography is my passion is such a cliché, so I won't say that. However, photography is something I enjoy immensely. I am currently a U.S Soldier stationed at Ft. Hood Texas which means my pay is not derived from my photography. I shoot t0 help begining models develope portfolio's, and on a rare occasion I accept a paying assignment. Please do not write to me telling me you
want to work with me, and all I have to pay is XX amount of dollars per hour.

Things I will never ask a model to do ARE,
1. Wear caution Tape
2. Wear a hand Bra
3. Wear a belt as a top
4. Stand, sit or lay on train tracks.
5. Hold any type of product as a mock advertisement shot
6. List is still growing

These are just a few things that I feel I need to mention to anyone interested in working with me.

1. Model releases will be signed for all types of shoots. This is NOT negotiable. It is just better that everyone know up front how and where the images can be used. This eliminates any confusion for both parties.

2. A very important point to all my releases is that I will not sign a release allowing the model or 3rd party to edit my images.

3. I will not provide you with full size raw copies of every image taken during a shoot. To me this is not negotiable. However should we arrange a TFP shoot I will provide you with digital contact sheets on a CD that contain low resolution images of every image taken during the shoot.

4. I will not pay a model for HER time AND provide images for her useage. Either we negoiate a TFP, Content trade, reduced rates or you receive Cash money for your time.

5. If I have taken the time to contact a model, then you can rest assured that I have taken the time to read your entire profile from top to bottom. More importantly I understand and agree to work within your levels of comfort.





Published in ;
local community papers
Military Media News/ Radio websites
Hired to photograph an Award presented to Bon Jovi in Frankfurt Germany...

The majority of my work is photographing
Formal Military functions
Sports Team photo's
Portrait work
Boudior photography
Art Nude


14 Jun 11 23:59
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