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As I browse around iStudio, I am not sure that my type of photography is suited for this site. As a result, I have removed all of the photos I had originally put up, and replaced my avatar with a nature shot. Once I make a final decision as to whether or not I belong among this group of very talented people, I will either upload new photos or delete the profile altogether. This is a great place, and there are a lot of great photos here.

In the meantime, if anyone would like to see the kinds of shots I do, you can go here:

Sorry that it's a copy/paste kind of thing, but although I can get the other BBCs to work properly, I can't get links to web pages to work.

I am a semi-professional photographer living in Oklahoma City. I have been shooting for a very long time. I am NOT a "Guy With Camera" -- I'm married, and not here to find dates or girls to "get nekked" for my camera. Visit my other sites, and you'll see I don't shoot implied nudes, much less real nudes.

However, I do work with inexperienced models on a regular basis. I teach them how to pose, how to interact with the photographer, how to be comfortable in front of the camera. If they would like, I can shoot an entire portfolio for them from scratch for a very reasonable fee.  Since I am not affiliated with any modeling agency, my modeling portfolio rates are very competitive with other photographer's rates, I just shoot better photos.

Model in need of updating their portfolio will find that I am always updating my own modeling portfolio, so I am quite open to TFCD sessions with special models.  Anyone interested in doing some TF* must fill out this form. Once that's complete we can set up a shoot.  

Here's some more details for TF* shoots:

I am particularly interested in the following kinds of photo shoots (in any combination):
* Studio
* Location
* Outdoors
* Swimsuits & Bikinis
* Lingerie
* Fashion
* Headshots

I do NOT do:
* Nudes
* "Implied" nudes, where the model is obviously nude or partially nude.

If you are interested in working with me on a TFCD basis,  fill out this form, and we'll work out the details.

If we agree to meet for a shoot, I will supply you with a CD-ROM of all of the images we shoot in JPG format, along with a release allowing you to use or print those photos as you wish.  In addition, I will completely process and retouch up to 5 of those images.  In exchange, I will ask you to sign a model release allowing me to use the images I shoot of you for the purpose of advertising my work.

Before contacting me about a shoot, please make note of these few things:

*I am only interested in shooting women over the age of 18.  If you are a young lady under the age of 18, don't waste your time contacting me unless you wish to pay for my portrait services.  If I suspect you are under 18, I will not work with you.  Other than that, there is no age limit.

*You may bring an escort, with the following understanding:
*they may not interfere with what we are trying to accomplish
*unless I ask for their opinion, they are to keep their opinions to themselves
*I will expect them to help by carrying gear, holding reflectors, etc.

*I'm not a big fan of tattoos, and will remove them from any image I use in my portfolio.  For that reason, if you have extensive tattoos, again don't waste your time, I'm not interested.  Nor am I interested in trying to pose you to avoid them.  (I WILL, however, shoot some paid portraits of your tattoos for your portfolio.)

*All the above also applies to excessive piercings. I'm an old geezer, and just can't get into excessive piercings and tattoos. Sorry.

If all this seems a bit much, well, that's the way it is.  I am discovering from experience that there are plenty of beautiful women out there who fit into with these conditions.