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About Me

I tend towards existing light and event shooting, but have recently converted a large bedroom to a studio and have started experimenting with several light sources and setups.

I have many ideas, and I'll point my lens at just about anything. I'm very resourceful and if you have an idea, I have ways to make it happen. I'm constantly scouting shooting locations and opportunities.

My schedule is quite flexible, if you're interested in shooting, let me know.

I make Turkish Coffee that is to die for. I'm just sayin'.

Comments and constructive critiques appreciated.

Some themes I'd like to explore:

Every cliche in the book
Macro human form (not necessarily nude, but would probably make things easier)

I have a huge cast iron pot that I refer to as my Cannibal Pot because it's big enough to fit a person in. I'd like to do a shoot with it sometime. Anybody want to be soup? Fake fire, of course.