About Me

Thank you for straying into my IS port.
I have been doing photography since I was 13 year old or so, just assisting my father in a dark room and watch his magic images to appear in those miracle liquids...
Really serious interest I developed in my late teens when I was shooting cracks in walls and sidewalks, muddy puddles, obscure cemeteries, dead birds in grass, chained barking dogs, chasing pigeons to make them fly to take shots, filthy real (and fake) beggars..., everybody's portraits, some fashion and editorials, landscapes and dreaming about being a photographer for National Geographic...
Everything turned out to be a different story and one became an architect to make a living and the photography became a passion.
I am shooting with models lately, specializing mostly on fine art nudes, pictorials and collecting materials for a gallery exhibition and publishing my book of nudes.
More of my work with models and the "other stuff" you can find in my OMP portfolio (http://www.onemodelplace.com/zoltansarophotography)

... and from time to time I still find here and there some good looking crack on the wall...

P.S.: I don't know what is the point of a "friendship" when you don't leave a message or a comment on any image... let's skip this silly game of "friends without talking". Networking is driving friendship!
If you drive-by with a hollow friendship request I will decline it.