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About Me

This is my latest photography project and it deserves it's own MM profile..

I am working on a book and I already have a publisher for this work. YEY...

If you are interested in being part of this project please do not hesitate to send your info.

Book project site:

I do not edit photos electronically. What you see is what my eyes were experiencing at the moment the picture was taken.

I believe that time stops in unforgetteble moments.. and in a picture.

This is 'a' place where I express my feelings, where I speak my emotions, passion, fears, joys, sadness, lust, nightmares, explosions, hopes and dreams.

I have been writing Motel X not because I am in search of a trophy... I do not want money... I do not want medals..

I am not a painter, I am not a musician, I am not a poet. I am a photographer condemned to be the natural child of reality and fiction.

In this tormented assemble of images, full of passion and a times fragile, I recognize myself, uncapable to separate, or to decide good from evil.

Motel X is here because maybe you can 'connect', because maybe through this screen, you can relate to the same feelings and emotions I feel every time I take a photo, every time I write a word.

So please feel free to look around.. write to me if you have something nice to say.. and this place changes as I do... so come back and watch me change..

I have much more to add... and I will.. as my life goes on..

Au Revoir



Freedom Museum - Chicago (USA) - Banner theme for "Your faith my freedom" exhibit - ( )

MM Models I worked with:

Jillian Ann # ( )
Chrystyne # 21503
Ru # 140027
Maya # 51504
Mute-one # 22875
Undenied # 256804
Felony # 238122
Lapis # 3290
LuxxxNoir #147160


22 Nov 09 13:34
Thank you for your friend request! Love your portfolio, brilliant work! Tasha
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