botsybaby - Reverie
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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:130 lbs
Measurements:36-28-37 in
Shoe Size:8
Hair Color:Brown
Hair Length:Very Long
Eye Color:Hazel
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Experience:Very Experienced
Join:6 Aug 2005
Last:1 Nov 2010

About Me

I have all the types of work I am interested in and/or willing to do checked off. If I didn't check it off, it's because I'm not interested or unwilling. My portfolio demonstrates my wide range of interests and abilities. Please read the comments below and feel free to contact any of the members listed below for references. If your questions regarding me aren't answered, feel free to contact me. I always answer my e-mail, and usually rather quickly. Comments: "Renee, what can I say? I could say the normal things like how much fun she is or how beautiful and all of that would be true. What I will say is that camera loves her and she often adds her own ideas to the shoot. She produces consistent levels of work and, from a photographer's point of view, with a production success of better than 25 percent. The best I ever worked with. Number one in my book." -John Seaman, Photography by John (omp#51305) "Renee was great to work with. She's very easy going and has her own ideas on what she wants. She's very relaxed which makes photographing her much easier and more fun. I would recommend her as a model to any photographer" -Jodi, Attitudes Photography (omp# 32669) "I have enjoyed working with Renee. I find her exhilterating and fun to be around. She is always on time and ready to work. I find her very charming and sexy, able to change a mood as the any situation may call for. I really enjoy working with Renee, as a matter of fact it's not really work for me. I look forward to working with her again." -Frederick Selinsky, Picture This Photography (omp# 20100) "Through the craziness of it all, you pulled through and were absolutely wonderful to work with. You have a great personality and spirit. I would highly recommend you to anyone with a genuine interest." - Doug Harvey (omp# 11669) "What Renee might initially have lacked in experience, she made up for with enthusiasm and persistence." - Michael, Images By Michael (omp# 69173) "Renee is a team player.She determinely works hard while still having fun and getting crazy. Renee is highly dependable." -Ken, Xzone9 Productions (omp# 59025) "I found you to be a joy to work with. Your professionalism helped considerably in creating fresh dynamic images even with the failure of the primary lighting systems. Good luck in your career, and I would not hesitate to use you for jobs requiring your unique look and character." -Scott, Scott Sawyer Photography (omp# 53453) "Renee was "not shy", ready to try just about anything I requested.... Loves to laugh and have fun...Our shooting experience went by fast and was very fun.... I feel I walked away from the shoot with some of the best pictures in my portfolio so far.... Just check out Red Renee.... you can see what I mean.... Renee is playful, as well as beautiful...." -Dee, @ What Fun Productions (omp# 9719) "Working with Renee is always refreshing. To find a model who is easy to work with and enjoys working hard in front of the camera without complaints is what you will find if you have the opportunity to work with Renee. She is one of the few models I would recommend working with. Always a pleasure to work with." -Steve Cooper, Digital Memories Photography (omp# 57550) "I found Renee to be a lot of fun to work with. Not only is she beautiful and has a great sense of humor, she also works very hard and is willing to try almost anything to get the shot the photographer is looking for. I highly recommend working with this very creative model, and I know I'm already looking forward to our next shoot together." -Carlos A Velarde, Alluring Exposures Photography (omp# 6177) "Renee is a pleasure to work with. Very adaptable, she's a natural at knowing how to pose and can take direction well. Great to work with, and very professional. Will work with her anytime." - Chuck Sloan "Renee is more Muse than model. She inspires the photographer with both her ideas and the vibrancy she brings to every shoot. She is chameleon-like in mood and appearance, always offers creative ideas, and the camera simply loves her. I look foward to working with her in the future!" - Joi Carey (Aka Agony Bliss) FetishBliss.Net "I highly recommend working with Renee, she is dependable, committed, and full of inspiration and ideas. One of the most creative models I have ever worked with. She also paid me a lot of money to say this..." - Jeff Bowlin (omp# 15533) "Renee was on-time & ready to work. She was fun to shoot, needed little direction & has lots of enthusiasm. I would recommend working with her." - Jim Shibley (omp# 10521) "I did enjoy working with you, as you were very professional. I enjoyed your input, your creativity, and your overall knowledge and understanding when it came to your performance or modeling role. I plan and look forward to working with you again." - David Saccheri "Renee omp #118443 is an outstanding and diverse model with a very professional attitude from Arizona and comes highly recommended. She has paid her UK subscriptions for me to write this lol." - Cheirodon (omp# 71260) "I enjoy working with you, I think you photograph absolutely beautifully, and we always get great results" - Jim Goodwin "Renee, Your personality, facial expressions are great. Very easy to shoot and wonderfully easy to work with." - Jim, Foto di Giacomo "Along with many photographers, I have two goals when I shoot with a model--to capture great images and to have a blast. Shooting with Renee makes the accomplishment of these goals so easy! She knows how to move and she uses her face in amazingly inventive ways. And you'd better have your camera ready because you never know what she's going to do next. In fact, she is so much fun to work with that you may not even notice until you're back at your computer just how beautiful she is." - Chuck Seller, Wildman Photos (omp# 182639) "Renee has an awesome personality and can bring any look you want to a photo shoot. She is easy to work with has great ideas to contribute to a shoot, is hard working, very professional and a lot of fun. I highly recommend Renee for any special project photo shoots a photographer has in mind. I will work with Renee again and am assured of a fantastic, productive shoot with her." - Jim Woehl, Foto di Giacomo "Renee is a special diamond in the rough. She has such an uniquie personality and has great modeling styles and expressions and works with you to make that image come out right. I look forward to working with her again." - Sean Martin, 8Megapixels Photography (omp# 84414) "It was great working with you in Flagstaff!" - Joel Gilgoff, Southwest Photos (omp# 127400) "Renee, Just wanted to say thanks for working with me on my project, you did a great job, the images look wonderful and I'm sure my client will be quite pleased. . . I look forward to working with you again in the near future." - Leo Howard "Smart, funny, dedicated, creative, talented ... there just aren't enough positive adjectives in the dictionary!" - Joe Kozlowski "I really enjoyed working with Renee because not only does she have the looks she also has lots of fun personality to go with them. She is very professional and I would recommend Renee. I will shoot with her again myself next time I get the chance to be in Arizona. Sincerly, Eric Wordal" - Eric Wordal "The idea was to photograph a healthy and positive young lady working out outdoors with Sedona as a background. This was a quick jump to the west coast and time was really scarce. I had not seen Renee in person before. Renee not only showed up in the middle of her hectic Sunday but relaxed everybody with her charm and good humor. She gets the idea right away and performs beautifully, corroborating what she claims about herself. That she is a chameleon I hope to have many sessions with her." - David Troncoso Request: STOP THE INSANITY!!!! Please make your acknowledgments PUBLIC. I like to return the favor and if you keep it private that becomes IMPOSSIBLE. Thank you!