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Ilona cecilia Budiman

About Me

Taking Pictures of what ever Catches my Eye. Pictures are forever and bringing life to film and pictures to People is what completes my life. Seeing things through my Eyes and what I see in Nature makes my life complete through Photos.
I help new Models Build a Portfolio with out any charge to them. Because of the High amount of response I get I only help a selected few. I am also very low cost for the one's I can not sponsor. Thank You, The Godfather of Import Models.
Godfather Productions
Brian Grasley Sr. 253-376-9961

Photo Rates
I specialize on Outdoor Shots
$125.00 for 200 to 300 RAW Shots on DVD or CD
Time Limit 2 Hours
Travel Time up to 50 miles from Tacoma Free
$20.00 for every 50 miles after 1st 50.
Other Rates Available depending on Assignment
Models Will sometimes be offered TFP Depending
On Model and location.

Godfather Productions
Photography at it's Best
Affordable Rates
Five Star Quality
Photography at it's finest

Make More Money Join My Models $$$$$$$$$$$
Stores and Events ------Models that need more Money ----Read
Stores and Events ------Models that need more Money ----Read
In a Nut shell this is what I do. I have the best Top models in Washington state. I take from 2 to 10 model to each store or event we go to for a signing. This means that I bring in my own tables and chairs if the store does not have them . My Models sell there photos to customers. 8X10 ,$10.00 4X6, $5.00. I also have it if the customer wants there picture taken with a Model or Models the Price would be the same.Photos are taken and ready within 10 Minutes. What this does for you, it brings in more customers, what it does for my Models helps them make Money to support there Modeling. There is no charge for bringing in Models and it gives my Models a Safe place to sign Photos. Before each Singing I will post a poster up at your store giving the dates my Models will be singing.

MODELS Models Models Models Models Models Models Models

If any of you are interested in making extra money let me know and I will put you on my list of Models. This is Just to let Models bring in more money in to support there Modeling. I put out over $3,000 in 2009 to help models and Can know longer be able to put that much Money out. My limit last year was to be $1,000. If you are interested or have any questions let me know Thanks Godfather of Import Models. ---Brian
Adult Wear Stores. Like Frederick's of Hollywood. Car Stores that build and sell car parts like The Fast and furious , Castle Megastore. High end Fashion Stores. Car Events.
Everything would be in Washington, As I line Events up I will update you. I will be making one poster to put up at the stores so I will need 3 to 5 of your best Photos sent to qateddy@­comcast.net. Thanks Brian
Also as I build a list of Models that want to do this I will up load a file in my pictures under--- Making More Money.