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"Some silicone sister with a manager mister told me I got what it takes" - Bruce Springsteen ツ
This is me....

Biography of Tyler Makani Scott

"Looking for an Angel....."
Peerless reflections as seen through the eye of Tyler Scott is to take something one sees every day as ordinary and turn it into a thing of beauty. It is to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. TS utilizes an intricate, proprietary multi-media enhancement process (MEP) in order to capture the essence of the subject’s beauty. “To reflect the subject’s rich saturation of color is like trying to put your arms around a cloud. It is extremely evasive, yet incredibly exciting. When you get it right, you know it, you feel it and you just want to share it with the world.”

Makani, Tyler Scott’s middle name, is Native American. Translated, it means “wind”. No one knew at the time just how appropriate that middle name would become. Scott, simply known to his friends as TS, was born in 1963. He grew up in Prince of Wales, Alaska, St. Petersburg, Alaska, Vancouver, B.C. and Washington State. As a youth, TS worked on farms, pumped gas, dug ditches, and washed dishes.

Scott’s first encounter with the arts came during his teenage years when his sister gave TS his first guitar. Self-taught, within 2 weeks he was not only playing but was composing and writing lyrics. TS toured with his own rock band from ‘82 thru ‘87.

Taking a break from music TS decided to be true to his middle name and breeze across the country. TS traveled from LA to the east coast, supporting himself by working in the record industry, as well as being employed by Brinks, a traveling carnival, and at Las Vegas casinos.

Arriving in Savannah a year later, TS turned to the bar and food service business to provide a livelihood. The following winter TS once again followed the wind, taking a seasonal job at Snowshoe in West Virginia. It was here that TS picked up his first Nikon camera. It was here where it all started while taking photos of the patrons coming off the ski slops. “It was love at first click.”

Working back and forth from Snowshoe to the Outer Banks in North Carolina to ski resorts in Killington and Stowe Vermont and finally blowing into Martha’s Vineyard, TS began to suck up everything he could relating to the photographic world. It was while he was shooting weddings, landscapes, and portraits at the Vineyard that TS was introduced to the works of the great photojournalist Alfred Eisenstaedt.

Eisie, as he was affectionately referred to, specialized in candid photos that made the average moment extraordinary. Voted photojournalist of the century by his peers, this amazing storyteller’s most famous shot was that of the sailor kissing the nurse in Times Square on V-J Day.

During his two-year stay on Martha’s Vineyard, TS gained a great appreciation for Eisie’s work both as an artist and as an innovator. It was the form and shape in Eisenstaedt’s photography that provided both the foundation and incentive for TS to build on. Eisie passed during TS’s stay at the Vineyard.

“After studying Eise’s technique and philosophy I understood that if I was going to produce enduring photographic images that I would have to make certain to be in the right place at the right time.”

Having briefly visited Key West, TS decided that this beautifully diverse island would be the best place to pursue and master his craft. Known as the Conch Republic, Key West is the only tropical island in the continental U.S. For many years Key West has been at the center of the art world. Many of the great painters, musicians, writers, poets, and photographers have lived and thrived in the Southernmost City.

TS chose Key West for its eternal beauty, its eclectic inhabitants, its birds and animals, having both a sunrise and a sunset, its amazingly varied colored waters, its over 3000 houses included in the national register of historic homes, and its unprecedented number of plants species. Annually, millions of visitors will be exposed to TS’s unique art form. “After having grown up in the Northwest I realize that I no longer like having cold hands.”

In lieu of simply driving to Key West, TS returned to the outer banks, purchased a sail boat, and once again, true to his middle name, chased the wind 1000 miles from N.C., to key West.

While spending several years perfecting the technique utilized in his unique proprietary multi-media enhancement process (MEP), TS returned to the basics, shooting over 300 portfolios for aspiring models. He also became the official photographer/sponsor for the Miss Hawaiian Tropic beauty pageant held annually in Key West.

“I know you will enjoy Key West on Canvas as much as I did creating them for you. In each of my pieces I hope you can see what I see. Also, like me, I feel certain that you will see something different each time you look at them. It is my intention for each canvas to take you to a place you enjoy. If you live in or have visited Key West, I am hopeful my work reflects the beauty you have enjoyed. If you have never been in Key West, I am positive that my work will allow you to experience a little piece of Paradise”.

"You must constantly nourish openness, breadth of vision, enthusiasm, and reverence; that will change the whole atmosphere of your mind." . . . Sogyal Rinpoche
email: sailmann8@yahoo.com
sailmann8 is my yahoo IM
Any style of photography...just give me a call with any questions and I will be happy to help you get noticed. From Product, Cars & Advanced Portfolios.

I now have over 2000 backgrounds to choose from.....






KWM Studio Key West's new all digital studio is now open.
Located downtown Key West, 513 Fleming Suite #2

Grand Opening special: Come 2 Key West Florida,
Prices. August Special! $85 an hour no minimum! Call for details. All high res photos on cd. We have a room for models 1/2 block from the studio..right on Duval street...if you know Key West!
Advance digital touch up and location photography available for extra $$.

Call me for details 305.896.2308 Tyler Scott


Rachael M. Now on Americas most Smartest Model on VH1 started here with us 3 years ago - We hope she wins as she deserves it. You can see Our trip to the islands here from September 2004 http://keywestmodel.com/september.htm Worked with Alan Patton - Director for MTV - REAL WORLD - on locations & providing models for the show. (see show trailer)
Worked with Matt Kramer from Maxim
last models received modeling contract with Sprint
Provide photography for several Miami agencies


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Thanks for the fr, Tyler, great style! Anytime you wanna shoot, give me a shout! ciao~
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