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About Me

About Myself:

I am a college student studying Photography and Photojournalism. I also have a great background in photo editing. From this site I want to be able to build and enhance my portfolio and the people I am working with.

I am located in Bluffton, Indiana, which is south of Ft. Wayne.

I will work with anyone, but my favorite style is Fashion/Glamour/Commercial Photography. If you bring an escort I have the right to know who it is, and they have no say in what is going on during the shoot.

I have a ton of ideas for this coming year and would really like to work with a lot of different people.

If you contact me about a shoot, then we will discuss how I am to be compensated for my time and the work I put into post production of the images. If I have worked with you in the past then I am more then confident that I will get portfolio worthy images and will not require payment, also if I contact you then I will not require it.

I edit photos using Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS4, and I do my own touch ups if needed.

I have been published in one magazine

InPrint Magazine Issues: April 2012 Theme- Colors
Photo: "On the Wings of the Butterfly."


* mean the number times I have worked with the person

January 29 #1110365
Manda Misery #1132767
Rosairy Sparrow #712653
Kym Whipps #1391618
MsPoisoness #785236
Kourtney F #1518212
Destiny Sears # 2094850 ***
Gabbi Rose #1004416**
Tiffany Rusin #1601847
Brittany Miskell #1618765**
Barbara Flye #380396 ***
Hallz #1657089
Brooke D #2496750
Bella Nicole #2545403**
JessicaPollard #2416257
Rayna Long #1972487

Models not on MM:

Abby Wolfe**
Sarah E
Stephanie Mcnew***
Shyann Elise Kogar***

Star means multiple shoots with model


26 Jun 12 12:36
I would love to work with you sometime too! We should make some plans.
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