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About Me

I got involved with photography about 10 years ago, when my bank, as a way of saying thank you for running up a BIG credit card balance, sent me a free 2MP digital Fuji camera.
I never really thought much of photography per se, though my father was an exceptional photographer.
As a means of self-expression, visual art somehow has been considered by me a secondary or running in parallel to my involvement in music, that I’ve been involved with, and as such it never really sparked my interest all that much.
The childhood memories of my father's darkroom with its standard set of chemicals, red lights and other accouterments as well as restrictions, were more than I could take…
2-Megapixel Fuji camera in an instant changed all that. :)
I was blown away by the instant ability (within under a minute) to see the results on a computer monitor... (It was before cell phone cameras and iPods..)
From that moment on, I never parted with my Fuji, snapping away anything and everything in sight.
Later, I acquired Canon's Digital Rebel, then EOS 20D with some of the best professional lenses to follow..
I’ve always enjoyed mostly landscape photography though a few years ago I also got into the portraiture.
Besides photography, I also do Digital Image Editing and Retouching and lately started producing highly individualized, vibrant, dynamic and breathing-with-life slide shows. So, if you are interested in having any of that done to your photos, please contact me.
Hope, joining this site would help me even more to interact with interesting, willing and highly creative people, equally interested in creating art.



Some of my photos were featured in a Metro Magazine and a few other local publications.


25 Mar 10 20:05
Now that you jeered my wife, niece and myself. Care to explain.
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