Jared Leib - Elegance - Joy Hodges, Miss DC USA 2009
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About Me

I find myself fascinated by the science (optics, lighting, geometry, space), the art (color, depth, style), and the social impact of photography.

People ask me what my style is and I honestly cannot define it. If you have met me before, you already know; I am quite "unique". My sense of humor, my character, and my untouchable imagination allow me to create moments typically untouched by most photographers.

I started to experiment more with photography when my daughter was born. Before that, I was the guy at college with a 2MP Olympus running around taking pictures of everything. I am the type who goes back to their photos in order to remember periods of time. Capturing moments isn't about setting up the best position or putting on the exact color socks; its about finding the subjects personality/character and capturing it unconsciously.

Check out my flickr page for some other examples of my work: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jaredleib/