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About Me

I am a photographer with a formal background in art, architecture, graphic design and yes now after several photography classes I'll put photography on there too. Please if you’re going to send me a friends request at least introduce yourself tell me what you like about my photography etc.

I enjoy telling stories with creative stills I have a strong love for photojournalism, but lately I've been looking to old story books, and fine art for photographic inspiration. I’m fully versed in photo retouching, no plastic looking faces or muddied skin tones in my photos. If you have an idea for a shoot let me know, maybe it will be something that sparks my interest.

I currently will accept TF for a few specific things that are needed to flesh out my portfolio and website, unless you really have a great look and it will benefit us both.

***Current TF projects***
1. Low key studio fashion photography
2. Materials for a series of books I'm working on
3. Stock type images to flesh out my website: Headshots / Senior pictures type shots.

***What you can expect in return for a TF shoot***
When I shoot TF with a model pending no extending circumstances, the model will receive 5 to 10 fully retouched Hi-Rez, and Web resolution images on a CD/DVD based on a 1.5 to 2 hour shoot. Also included is a written release to use the images for personal, and portfolio development purposes.

***What you can expect from my behavior for shoots***
1. I didn't join model mayhem make friends necessarily (all though I have made quite a few), so I will not call you unless it's work related. I also do not expect to be called because you're boy/girl fried is at work / out of town and you need someone to talk to.

2. My rule is simple, no phone number no shoot. Try working in any other business where one party can't get a hold of the other party, business doesn't happen and I'm here to build my business. I hope you are too

3. I have no issues with escorts baring two rules. A. No boy friends/girl friends, and B. no parents. (I usually will not work with minors unless I have met them at a group shoot previously)

4. I will not touch you in any way, to adjust a pose, hair, etc, with out expressly asking permission. If you say no that will be accepted, no questions asked.

5. I STRONGLY prefer to do a pre-shoot meeting, to review concepts get a better feel for a models energy, review photos that are similar to our shoot (if applicable). While this benefits the quality of the shoot, it also is usually a good indicator if a model will be a no show. I totally understand if you are an out of town model, there are always exceptions.

6. Yes I will work with models repeatedly. Usually photographers like to have as many different faces in their port as possible, however I feel building a relationship professionally will lead to high quality photos in the long run and that's what we're all after.

7. Have fun. = )

***For Pay Photography Services***
Weddings: Packages starting at $950.00.

If you have a need for a wedding photographer I LOVE shooting them. It's one of the only places where you still can be paid well for a photojournalism style.

Wedding links below:

***Links for other photographers***

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Peace and love to all,


(any potential models that would like to work with me can contact any model on my list as reguards my professionalism)

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***Other Photogs***
Alex Minkin #497888 (good guy, great with lighting)
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