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About Me

A photo captures a moment in time that will never be recreated, ever.

Unlike audio or video, photographs offer the viewer a unique opportunity to stop, think and appreciate all that is beautiful, wonderful, curious or shocking about a never to be repeated moment of history.

While I still have a lot to learn, I aim to create extraordinary images that provoke strong emotion in the viewer. I’m intelligent, respectful, clean and courteous with an open, inquisitive mind. I’m not sleazy, racist or sexist. I really like being challenged and love to learn new things.

Photography is a part-time passion for me, so evenings and weekends are when I’m most available, although some week days are doable.

If you have a positive, flexible attitude and want to collaborate with a creative team toward great images, I want to hear from you – regardless of how long you’ve been in the industry.

I’m looking for male and female models, hair stylists, wardrobe designers and make-up artists – if you’re interested in shooting with me, send me a message.

Working with me - TFP
From now on, I want to carefully plan TFP shoots to deliver a small number of exceptional images, not hundreds of run-of-the-mill shots to fill mediocre portfolios.

Importantly, I expect everyone on a TFP shoot to contribute. If you’re a model, I don’t want you to just turn up with your model face – I want you to think about the theme and contribute ideas and feedback as we shoot. MUA’s and hair stylists – ditto – everyone involved has to drip some of their creative juices into the big DAM mixing pot!

Also, we have to have fun on TFP shoots (since everyone is working for free) and the golden rule is that everyone is treated with courtesy and respect.

Lastly, models are more than welcome to bring a friend or partner to any of my shoots. If the shoot involves nudity, I insist at least three people are present at all times.

About getting the photos
Hi-res JPG versions of the best shots will be made available to all involved via a private online gallery within 2 weeks of the shoot. Everyone (model, MUA, hair stylist etc) will be authorized to freely use the images for unpaid use as long as everyone is credited. If a photo is sold or rented, everyone involved will be paid a portion – you don’t get fairer than that.

As I said earlier, you shouldn’t expect hundreds of images from my TFP shoots – I would rather spend the time and energy capturing and editing a small number of truly great photos.

I no longer have a permanent studio but still have ALL the pro gear - backdrops/sets, good quality lighting equipment and a number of props - so I'm happy to set up in a rented space, your house/garage or even in a quarry!

I’m keen to shoot environmental portraits too, so very happy to arrange outings to a natural setting (beach, forest etc), your house/office or other urban scene (abandoned house, railway, cityscape etc).

Suggested TFP themes/shots
If you have your own shoot ideas would like me to shoot them – please send me a message and we can plan it together.

Alternatively, send me a message and I'll send you a list of shoot ideas I've put together to help stimulate our planning.

Sorry about the long profile, but I thought it would help you get to know me a little.

Your turn! Send a message and let's get creative!




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