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About Me

About Me:

Well my name is Wes Henderson and first of all, I love photography. It started at 16 when I was first able to get out and explore. 7 years later and it has become more than just a hobby but something that I want to continue to be able to do even when I get old.. In my opinion photography is one of those things you continue to learn so I am always looking for fresh ideas, new locations, and concepts that interest me and people to work them out with. I love working with new people so I am always looking to put something together. Right now I am mainly focusing on Band/Model/Portrait photography but not limited to such.

What to expect/How I work:

I try to make everything as laid back and easy going as possible, that way it's comfortable for the both of us. I am easy going and I'll joke around continuously but I do take what I do seriously.
Don't flake, and try to be punctual. A shoot with me will normally be up to 2 hours of shooting so plan for it. I respect and welcome any input you have as well so tell me, remember this is suppose to be fun so have some.
Also if at all possible I would prefer to meet with you a few days prior to discuss everything from time/wardrobe and location, this also helps to knock out those awkward first moments haha.


Sometimes I will have a clear cut location/idea, other times I may just have a vague rough idea. I'll have my ideas just like you will have yours so please be upfront with what you want, this will help both of us achieve what we're both looking for - great photos. If you do have something in mind, let me know when we first discuss a shoot so we both will be on the same page.


Contact me regarding all rates, TFCD work or any other inquires!



14 Jun 11 00:31
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