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About Me

I've been a film director in Utah for the last 14 years. I've directed 127 productions. I'm one of the fastest director in Utah! Some of my videos are on Youtube.com (my site is better, being I have more samples on there) just search for Stephen Groo.

I love modeling people and have done it for several years. My website is www.utahwolfproductions.com. I hope that models seeking an addition to their portfolios would set something up. On this site, I've placed a few pictures to give you a taste. More is found on my website under Modeling.

I offer a few things for models to help build them in posing, feeling, and expressing themselves that some photographers don't do. I also, lately been adding acting themes into the shoot to where you act out the character as the camera is taking pictures. I have a blast at shoots and I have been known to pick very good locations to shoot for film and photography.

I love to shoot: Glamour, Swimwear, Fitness, Casual, High Fashion, urban, sexy/edgy, dark art, and artsy.

If you are interested, email me at film99@juno.com with your **contact number** and let's get the camera rolling! I'm also on Facebook if you want to see more info on me. Search for Stephen Groo (icon of a Black Wolf).

Please only contact me if your interested! Tired of setting up appointments that models are not showing up. Recently this has been happening more, so I've decided that if it continues with the new models I will reprot you to Model Mayhem. If you don't want to setup appointments or start a modeling career, then don't waste our time. Photographers are here to help everyone out. It's just unprofessional when the models don't show up or reschedule the day of when we set time aside weeks before!

***Rates for Modeling Shoots
My rates are the best and inexpensive. I charge $75.00 (for total shoot; even if it takes over 8 hours). You choose 12 (High Res photos) out of the shoot, Photo doctoring is given using Adobe Photoshop, and you get CD day of shoot. Addition 12 pictures (undoctored) add $25.00.
***$300.00 for all the pictures and 12 doctored and burned to CD. Receive CD same day as shoot.

***$25.00 Discount is given to ones referred to Wolf Productions after you have worked with Wolf Productions.


* Craze Agency (auditions of actors for Time to Duel and Challenge of Faith films only)

* Chinyere Interprise. (Photo Shoots for Models Portfolios)

* UN Talent Agency (Valerie Buck)

* Bonneville Bombers (Heather Casper) #2148798