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About Me

Remember Forever is a premiere and boutique studio originally from Brisbane, Australia. Remember Forever are now Australia wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the Gold Coast. We are a boutique studio specialising in high end portraiture, creative concepts and concept glamour.

In December 2012, we open Remember Forever New York and move our international head office to the United States.


Complete Model Portfolio packages start from $50 and range to $400 depending on the length of the shoot, extent of retouching and number of locations.


I am starting to severely limit the amount of TF shooting that I am involved in. Photography is my career, I have no other source of income apart from my studio and gallery. I pay a lot of money in rent for my studio and spend a lot on cameras, lenses, lights, backgrounds and technology so I can give you better photos.


I will invite models on occasion to shoot on a TF basis. As I said, this is limited and generally because I have a project in mind I really want to shoot 0

Don't be afraid to ask, you never know - you might have something I am looking for.

I will consider TF if I maintain commercial rights to the images, in which case I will share the proceeds with the model on a 50/50 basis.


There are currently six major projects I am looking at shooting. A casting call will be placed for each of them as I am ready to commence casting and shooting. These six projects will be shot on a TF basis - however in the event that there is commercial viability from any of these projects, I will split the proceeds 50/50 with the model.


One of my biggest hates is when a model tells me that he/she "is not interested in shooting in a style" when that style is apparent in their portfolio - or appears in a list of "shots I would love to recreate"

I dislike it when I do contact a model/MUA/etc. and they blatantly ignore the communication. This is rude. If you do not wish to work with me on the project I have sent you a message regarding, just tell me. Ignoring the message means that I will not consider you for future projects, paid or otherwise no matter how perfect you are for the shot.

No-Shows. If we make an appointment, it would be great if you kept it. If it is a TF arrangement and you no-show without notice, then I will not work with you again.

Assumptions. Please do not assume that because there are a number of artistic nudes in my portfolio that every project I undertake requires nudity or implied nudity. You would be surprised at the body of my work.

On that note, please do not assume that what is displayed on MM is the extent of my portfolio.

I look forward to hearing from you and perhaps working with you 0