About Me

Operating under the name Tropical Photography, chosen because of the location, semi-tropical Clearwater, Florida.

The fact that this sun shines almost every day of the year, makes Florida an ideal location for a photographer interested the depiction of beauty, both scenic and human.

I began my career in 1968, opened my first studio in 1982 in Tallahassee, and in 1998, I rented a studio in Clearwater, Florida. With my affiliation with The American Association for Nude Recreation and the Naturist Society, I am also providing quality photography for nudist and naturist events and clubs. Knowing the concerns of the nudist and naturist lifestyle, I can provide a unique service not often found in professional photography.

I am now exclusively doing Simple Nudes and Glamor on location at many Florida beaches and locations, using Nikon professional digital equipment. I will occasionally shoot TFCD with models I believe have potential and need a helping hand getting started.


1998 Rick Athearn Photography Award, the national award for nudist photography, given by the American Association for Nude Recreation.