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My Shoot Rules:

I am a professional photographer with over 20 years experience, I have shot some of the top names in the industry as well as having shot for some of the top magazines. If the model is to be paid on a shoot, it is a shoot for a client and the client pays, not me.

I am happily married, thank you very much, and my studio is located in my house, so no funny ideas. I am absolutely professional and discreet and you may inquire ANY of my models as to the level of my professionalism.

If I do nudes they are strictly artistic, do see rule #2 above, I am NOT one of the CLUB SNAP perverts. There will be NO shoots in hotel rooms, nor wearing skanky clothing. Poses will be artistic, most likely show nothing but form and shape and nothing even remotely sexual, If this is the kind of shots you want, please find another photographer.

4. I DON'T DO TFCD (Trade For CD)!
You may inquire if I will do a TFCD shoot with you, but chances are no, unless you have a look, experience or want to do something I need for MY portfolio. I will however approach a very select few models to do TFCD that I feel have something that can help my portfolio, and I do mean a VERY SELECT FEW. But as I said, you may inquire, but please do tell me what your shoot ideas are.

If I do decide to do a TFCD shoot and we reach an agreement on what and how the shoot is to go, please DO NOT change your mind or dictate to me 72hrs before or the day of the shoot or I will cancel the shoot right then and there and you will NEVER shoot with me.

Yes, I know, shit happens, but have the professionalism and courtesy to inform me of a cancelation at least 1 week prior to the shoot, if you cancel in less than a week or don't show up, I will let other photographers know how undependable you are and will never work with you, sorry, 1 strike and you're out as I am a busy man with commitments.

You may bring a chaperone to the shoot with you, but absolutely NO boyfriends. Why? Because I don't need to deal with petty jealousy or people telling me what I can and cannot shoot when it was agreed upon beforehand. If this happens shoot is over and you will get no images.

If you ask me to shoot you, my charges are quite reasonable based on standard PROFESSIONAL photographer charges.

Model Portfolio: $500
There will be an MUA on hand (Female), you will get lo-resolution copies of ALL shots taken as well as 8x12 Portfolio sized high-resolution retouched images of ALL selected images (8-30 depending on quality of shoot, based on how well you performed, not I). Copyrights for the images will be retained by me and your images CANNOT be sold or used in ads without compensation to me. ALL models MUST sign a model release before shooting with me. Turn around time is 1-2 weeks.

Standard day rate fees apply based on standard Singapore day rate of $800 1/2 day and $1500 full day. No exceptions will be made, but please do confer with me on what you want shot, end product, etc. and fee may be adjustable. Repeat business will be negotiable as well as loyal customers do get discounts. Customer/client will receive ALL shots taken in High Resolution, as well as Retouched images of the selected work. Turn around time is minimum 1 week from date of shoot depending on complexity of retouching/digital imaging as well as number of selected shots.

Portrait Sitting: $300
This is specifically for family or personal portraits and is a 1 hour sitting. Hair & Makeup will not be provided, but can be for a small charge ($100). You will get Lo-resolution proofs of ALL images shot, and 5 8x12 retouched images of the images YOU select.

Retouching/Digital Imaging
Price is quoted based on brief requirements, starting rate is $25 per image for basic retouching up to $500 per image for digital imaging and retouching, please contact for quote.

As with ALL rules, there are exceptions. I have a lot of experience working with new models and do have the patience to help you grow personally as a model and professionally. If you have a look I need or I feel you have the attitude, maturity and passion to make modeling a career I will work with you and help you develop, sometimes in exchange for images (TFCD) or a 1 time portfolio fee of $500 (there will be multiple shoots of different styles to help you learn to pose, emote and give you confidence as well as build your portfolio to world-class standards)

Please DO NOT waste my time and yours by coming in and giving me the "deer caught in headlights" look, blase' posing, etc. When we work out the theme, the details, etc. I will tell you what kind of emotions I am looking for and give you examples of poses, DO study the images, DO stand in front of a mirror and see what expressions and poses work best for you, DO research magazines, DO watch "America's Next Top Model" or ANYTHING else that will help you help yourself. I will guide you during the shoot, help you with poses and expressions, but DO have the maturity to listen without prejudice and learn. The experience will be better for you, your growth within the industry will happen and your images will be that much better cause of it.

I studied 8 years at the prestigious Barnstone Academy directly with Myron Barnstone with emphasis on fine art photography. I attended Pratt University in Brooklyn, NY again with a fine art/photography major. Before graduating (and running out of money) I landed an apprenticeship with Francesco Scuvullo, noted fashion photographer, and my career was off to a flying start.

I have photographed for numerous international and local fashion publications as well as held exhibitions of my work in galleries around the globe.

I also have shot for Getty Images through Asia Image Group, doing lifestyle photography as well as taking freelance commissions to do everything from Portraits to Architectural photography for hotels, resorts and spas around Asia.

I am originally from Bethlehem,PA USA, but have spent most of my adult life in NYC. I am based in Singapore and have been for the last decade.

If you are interested I can be contacted here or at ikonvisuals@yahoo.com


Ads for Sony, Guiness, Nokia, Prana Resorts & Spa among others
Various Fashion Magazines worldwide
(most notably publications by Conde Nast in NYC but others in Singapore)
J.W. Marriot
Oberoi Hotels & Spa
Mandara Spas
Getty Images
B&G (Bride & Groom) Magazine
Wedding & Travel Magazine
Portfolios (Go-See's) for Wilhemena's & John Casablancas (now Elite Model Management) NYC
Various CD jackets for COP Int'l, Moonshine, Logic Recs
Private/Commissioned Work
Exhibitions in NYC, Berlin
Official Photographer for Miss Earth Singapore 2010

If you like what you see, want to see more, or are interested in engaging my services, drop me a line here or at my email(listed here).

DO check out my recent work at the link at the TOP CENTRE and very few select samples at the link under my avatar.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


13 Jul 12 06:26
Hello Dear ! I have done fashion, lingerie, bikini ! My rates depend on the type of shoot & the amount of time taken. *Contact me for rates* If you are interested in working with me! Thank you! Angelica!
27 Jan 11 00:05
Every single image in your port is absolutely amazing work! http://www.zarihsretouching.com/
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