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My name is Adrian and I enjoy graphing photos. I have a full time portrait photography job. That means I'm here more for creative ideas. It also means I have a stable income and am very open to TF. Even if it doesn't "add to my port", I just enjoy giving people photos they'll love.

I have a number of ideas for shoots I'd like to try, so if you'd like to be part of one just send me a message saying "Can we do a ____ shoot?" and fill in the blank with a basic description (ie sexy, fun, glamorous, grapefruit). But I also love helping other people realize their visions, so if it's your dream to have pictures taken of you covered in tabasco sauce, standing on a surf board in front of the DMV, I'd love to help you make that happen.

Some things you should know about shooting with me;
-I've never missed a shoot, and never been more than a couple minutes late. I always contact you the day before to confirm.
-I'm willing to travel, but I'll probably need some notice.
-Weekends and late nights are best, but I can be free any time with 2 weeks notice (providing I don't have another shoot scheduled). If you can't give me that notice, ask me anyway and I'll see what I can do. I'm always free at 2AM.
-I have no problem with escorts or meeting up before hand, whatever makes you happy. I'll always check with you before I invite someone to help out on a shoot.
-I never try to make models do anything they don't want to. If I ask "would you like to do something like ____", "No." is always an acceptable answer.
-Upon contact, I usually give you a cell number you can reach me at.
-I mostly do outdoor shoots, but I have a studio setup if you need one.

TF shoots- I have a laptop I can bring to the shoot to burn you a CD on the spot, then you can tell me which photos you'd like me to make edits to and I'll usually send you the ones I do on my own. If you can bring a 4+GB USB memory stick that might be better in case there's too many photos to put on a CD


*'s indicate the people I've worked with most, if you're checking references

RobynRLD 1136861
*Alli T 1079983
Dannah Carolina 1244902 (Profile Deleted)
Naidymar 1141293 (Profile Deleted)
Brooke Rivers 1181715
Elizabeth Vrbanac 1182400
*Lily Le Roi 852697
Samantha Huntley 1541090
Milena DeVincenzo 1518411
Cambria N 1397161
*Kali "Aphrodite_" 1600549
*Layla Shoaf 1450925
*Travis Shoaf 1430762
Bree Spell 1492037
Carlos Blackman 1077465
*Vacey 1452016
Christine Marc 1511529
Lissa Chasteen 1604301
SydneyScreams 700928

Makeup Artists;
*Alli T 1032716
Samantha Elgeness 1618966
Monica "Makeup By Z" 1466210


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Welcome to iStudio Adrian, Killer Work!
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