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Micaella here, many of you have already worked with me within other genres ( but this is specifically for fashion/beauty work. Hope to work with you again soon!

This profile is specifically for the Fashion/Beauty looks I would love to shoot. I am an established photographer who is very carefully and slowly moving herself into fashion. I have a 5 year plan to steadily move further into the fashion photography world. I have proven myself a great photographer with a fun sense and passion for what I do. Now it's time to diversify. While I will still continue to do other types of photography I thought it best to separate to show my drive and passion for fashion photography.

I work very hard to always get better with my photography and photoshop skills. I am just looking for great opportunities with great models, stylists and MUA's.

YOU WILL SEE I mostly have female models. It was my rule to only start with females as I wasn't comfortable with just how many men were wanting me to shoot them nude. It's just not comfortable for me, however, with fashion, no nude is neccessary so I will be shooting with men!

IF I ACCEPT YOUR FRIEND REQUEST OR SEND YOU ONE, I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU. If I deny you, that just means I have no projects that would fit with your look. If you do friend request me, please let me know what ideas you have for a shoot and we can chat.