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About Me

I do this for fun. I want to be challenged, to learn, to grow, and to make images I can occasionally say, "Crap, that's good." about. I mean, there's -always- more to learn. I'm not doing this for money. But that doesn't mean I'll turn down paying gigs.

I have a couple of basic themes that I come back to again and again, elements that fascinate me. My portfolio here should make these pretty clear:
- Fabric (drape, flow, dance)
- Reflections
- Water shots

There's also some other themes I really want to work with:
- Kissing
- Dance
- Zentai (full-body covering bodysuit - think spiderman!)
- Wings
- Romantic shots of women in the water (Ophelia Submerged)
- Studio low-key portraits (a series on depression)
- Action Heros & Heroines

Stock & Photo-Manipulations
Some of the imagery we create may end up as grist for photo-manipulation by talented and aspiring artists. If your image is used in any capacity, I will try to provide a link to you each time, so you can see what becomes of it.


"The Fashionable Victorians", by Victoriana Lady Lisa
"International Steampunk Fashion", by Victoriana Lady Lisa
Victoria Almost Free, Esquimalt 3-page spread (plus an additional 9 images)
Monday Magazine 12th Annual Photo-Contest (First place "People - Staged" & Prism Choice Awards)
Author photograph, Tye Dye Voodoo, by Monique Jacob
Author photograph, First Born, by Astra Crompton
Photo Couture, Issue #9
The Torch, University of Victoria Alumni Magazine