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About Me

Thanks for taking the time to read my bio. Hopefully, by the end of it, youll know a bit of what Im all about...but not enough to skeer you away! Ive been doing the photography thing for a loooong time, graduating from GWC status about a year and a half ago with top honors. Although, admittedly, I was Guy W/ really nice Camera.

As you can tell from my portfolio, Im kind of all over the place with no distinct style. Im into whatever my limited mind is into at the moment and whatever a particular model inspires in me. My goal is to explore all genres, especially those that take me out of my comfort zone. NO gas masks, octopi, pregnant/nude nuns and toilet shots though-sheeze!

I do this for the enjoyment of it, not to pay my bills, so Im selective on TF projects. Im always open to fresh ideas however, so inquiries are welcomed and encouraged. I have quite a few TF themes in mind that I wish to add, so who knows, you may be right for one of them. Also, I will go out of my way to work TF with new MUAs and stylists.

Communication, in photography, not marriage, is very important to me. If we connect for a project, we WILL TALK ahead of time. Although Im for being spontaneous during a shoot, I like to have details planned out and not leave anything to chance. Im an example of what happens when you leave things to chance. Ask my poor wife, thats been stuck with me for all these years, what happens when you leave things to chance. This will also allow us to establish comfort levels and brainstorm ideas.

To me, its all about your eyes and what you can say with them. I expect a model to convey emotion, mood, feeling and set a particular tone with her eyes. Deer in the headlight looks and Joker style smiles need not apply. Im and ARTISSSSSssssT, dammit.

And now for the fine print:
-Chaperons, other than moms, dads and jealous husbands/boyfriends are welcomed until they become a problem. Then you and they both get the boot, which is a genuine cowhide leather, up to the ankle steel toed monstrosity.
-You must sign a model release form at the time of the shoot and show proof of age. No Roman Polanski drama here! I can email it to you beforehand if youd like, but its a standard release as recommended by some MM photographers.
-For TF and hired model shoots, as is the norm, I retain the copyright to all images we shoot and a release will have to be signed before you receive your images.
-I ask that I am the only one allowed to process my images. If you dont like my particular method, then whyd you pick me!?

For me, its all about the eyes:


Models that have made me look good-
-Iman317 #317658
-Miss Liv #365545
-Golden Kymber #1279465
-Emily Allen #781837
-Pussykat317 #1309671

To see more of my work-click on the list, "My work can also be seen here", in the Lists section below.

Other published work:
Official MotoCandy Girl -
Official GetDirtyMX Girl -


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