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About Me

Welcome to my iStudio portfolio!

As a semi-professional photographer with over 20 years of experience, I enjoy working in most genres. The ones I have a particular passion for include:

* Portraits with mood, emotions, and character

* Fashion and beauty

* Dance - an expression of "joie de vivre"

* Pregnancy - the glow that new life brings

* Fine art nude - sculpting the human figure with light

* Figure in landscape

I approach every shoot - whether paid or TF - as a new adventure where we can realise a vision as a team. I have worked with many fabulous models and believe that I can help bring out the best they have to offer.

I have a full studio in Clifton Hill and am available for portfolio shoots. Message me for pricing. I can also offer a limited number of "Time For" shoots, so if you like my work and have a concept that can be of mutual benefit feel free to message me. I will respond to all enquiries. I am always looking for interesting and exciting models to challenge my creativity.

I am not here to collect "friends", so please only send a friend request if you are truly interested in working with me.

Additional portfolios are available at:
Mark Hillyer Photography
Red Bubble


Models 2012
Marisol Calvert
Katherine Vanston
ReenaRose (x3)
Cherry May
Anoush Anou
Mia Griffiths
Ruby Vermell
Lilly Rae
Ayla Maya (x2)
Myss Ginzii
Dede Yuen
Tahlia Caitlin
Katy T
Julia Rachma (x2)
Kay91 (x2)
Joselin Burke

Manal I
Ayla Maya
Alynka (MM #483278)
AshleyB_1987 (MM #799519)
Stembie (MM #678661)
Cielo Miranda (Net-Model)
eNtice (MM #610874) (x2)
Keego Nguyen (MM #514870) (x2)
Kelly Ann Doll (MM #61590)
Kristy-Lee (MM #765896)
Luvie (MM #701159)
Maria Vlahopanagos (MM #647500)
Miss Eva (MM #578100)
Muarw (MM #690116)
Nicki Cotterill (MM #363492)
Nektia (MM #170586)
Ruby-Maye (MM #631028)
Saffron G (MM #334027)
Stacee Barnes (OzModel)

Makeup Artists
Angelique van Wyk (x4)
Swan G
Janet Stace (MM #572355) (x2)
Jessica Paull (MM #766728) (x2)
Katie Timpano "Fantasy on Fire" (MM #462856)
Monique Ringeri (MM #758174) (x2)
Trishelle Leigh (MM #551309)

Kel Blake
Kristyna Hessova


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