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April 11, 2014

OK ladies and gentlemen, here's the update:

I would like to state that I am a self taught photographer but that in itself would be somewhat misleading and not completely truthful.

In highschool (Korah Collegiate and Vocational School, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada) I took a phographic arts course where we were issued 35mm manual cameras and black and white film. It was here that I really fell in love with black and white photography. The class was quite beneficial during my early stages of photography, with a lot of focus on camera settings and darkroom development of both the film and enlargements.

I bought my first 35mm camera in the early 1990s, a Canon Rebel S ( popularized by the then famous, Andre Agassi ). I had used and abused this camera for years until making the switch to digital.

Other than the highschool course, I had not formally furthered my education in photography. This does not mean thought that I haved learned from experts in the field, I have read countless books and magazines covering posing, lighting, photojournalism, studio set ups, portraits, landscapes, client management etc. all written by experts in the field and would be considered teachers in the non-traditional sense of the word.

Then of course, it's the practical approach that matters as much as any of the reading that one can do. Getting out and shooting, shooting, and shooting some more until you really get a grasp of what works or more specifically, what works for you.

Very recently I have been awarded a Craftsman - CP designation from the Master Photographers of Canada and I have set some goals to submit a porfolio of images over the next year in an effort to attain the Masters designation.

I am currently accepting both paid and some unpaid work dependent on the request. I have 30 portrait photographs to submit for review over the next year, so if you have the look I want/need for this... expect it to be free!



12 May 14 18:52
Amazing port!
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