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About Me


My name is Almorinda, but you may find it easier to call me by my nickname, Amy. I was born in Massachusetts; however, I was raised in New Hampshire where I currently reside.

Photography was a hobby and but I have now expanded my photography to a professional level.

Why I have a portfolio on Model Mayhem:
I am interested in ideas, comments, and sugggestions regarding my work from professional models, photographers, and artists. My hope is that we can all help each other succeed through MM.

My Style:
I am open minded and my goal is to create a fun and relaxing photo shoot. I prefer to take photographs outdoors, but also enjoy taking photographs using natural light indoors.

I'm willing to travel anywhere in New Hampshire, Eastern Massachusetts, or Southern Maine.

What do I offer:
If you're interested in scheduling a photo shoot with me, please contact me via email at

Thank you for visiting my Model Mayhem page.



Almorinda Photography is the Official Photographer for Tom Dixon and Barn Fire ("the Band"). Please visit Tom's site at or Barn Fire's site at

Tom Dixon
Barn Fire ("the Band")
Jodie Cunningham
Fried Cactus
Between the Lines Band
Reggie B. Productions, LLC

Models Worked With Through MM:
AC Hazel - MM#1229254
April_Marie90 - MM#1256912
Charlyn Rodriguez - MM#1275453
Emily Burns - MM#882338
KarahElizabeth85 - MM#1236295
Katelyn Emily - MM#718435
Libby Vilner - MM#1213497
Linda F. Thomas - MM#901392
Mama Whiskey - MM#1354300
Miss Jennifer - MM#2203782
Persephanie Lesperance - MM#1136526

Worked with the following MUA:
Nelse Karini
Ava Sue Pederson - MM#777013
Ashley Segee

Candela Magazine - January 2011


20 Jan 14 13:30
Thank's for comment great work John from Paris
19 Jan 14 21:57
Welcome to iStudio! Great port so far. Best of luck to you :)
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