About Me

I am a Photographer and also work in Film industry. I love doing this as a hobby and as a job, couldn't ask for anything more!

As such, I love collaborating on a project to really make it "ours."
Any work done on the picture I do myself in which the model can have a say on what they want to see. I also tend to like to base shooting locations / clothing on the personality of the model involved as it adds to the image though this isn't always the case.

Any work will be done and sent to you usually within days after the shoot to same day through email or of course can burn a disc of the raw images.

I enjoy helping those trying to build their portfolio and are new to the industry. Please don't be shy if you are new and need help. Though I do ask with everyone that you be somewhat punctual.

I am currently looking for those that want to do "fantasy" type of photography as I have access to the Universal Studios Clothing,Prop and Furniture Dept. On special occasions I also have access to a full professional movie studio with well over a million dollars worth of lights.So basically what I am trying to say is the shoot is only limited to our imagination and sometimes my budget ; )

Please do not contact me unless you are serious about pursuing a shoot as many tend to toss emails only to disappear off the grid.