About Me

I am a fashion stylist, art director, costume designer and show producer by profession. But recently I have been inspired by a photographer friend to pick up the camera and experience the joys of being behind the shutter. I've always enjoyed taking photographs, but that was all amateur stuff with the most simple point and shoot contraption. But recently I have tried to push myself in trying other realms of photography.

I have literally done thousands of photo shoots in the past while being a fashion stylist. However, it was not until I got behind the camera that I realize the power a photographer has in hiding behind the lens. It is the photographer who controls what gets shot. It is an exhilarating feeling to know that you control the outcome by just the press of your finger.

So here I am, I started another account to show case my work as an amateur photographer. I do not have the experience and the expertise to go pro yet...give me a few more years perhaps. But i started this account in hope that all of you can experience my point of view and in turn, leave me your most sincere comments. I am here to learn and experience. And my road in photographer is just the beginning.

I am so grateful for Norm Yip's encouragement. He's a great photographer himself and has given me much inspiration to pursue this new realm of fashion and art. I will keep shooting and learning.

For those who maybe brave enough to take a chance to have me photograph you, by all means, hit me up. I believe we all learn by trial and error, but hopefully our road to success will not be blinded by too many of the latter. So if you are keen to help me discover my new interest, leave me a message. Or for those who rather have me as a stylist, I am more than welcome to work with you on that as well!