About Me

I'm a photographer and graphic design.. i do fashion, sports and weddings... base in bali...

my goal is to get more portfolio... more friends...

you can contact me at kiki_4_design@yahoo.com

web: www.kikistudio.com

ph. 0811392791



Best Surf Photographer 2006 ( Magic Wave - Indonesia)

Best Surf Photographer 2007 (Surftime - Indonesia )

Client - Publish Work

Oakley - Indonesia

W Magazine - New York

Surf1 Magazine - Japan

Kuta Lines - International

Volcom - Indonesia

Quiksilver - Indonesia

Surftime Magazine- Indonesia

Reef - Indonesia


28 Jan 12 10:27
thank you...I will let you know when I go to there..
06 Dec 10 03:17
yes thank you....and adik will let you know when adik is in bali next. also do let adik know if you are in jkt next for photo shoot. thank you
06 Dec 10 03:00
thank you for adding adik. hope adik can be considered for your next photo shoot....thanks
24 Jul 10 14:01
foto2 under water-nya keren2!!! lav them so much! :x
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