About Me

My main Goal is to deliver great photographs for great people, I work mainly with film , and don't do digital enhancements. I simply believe that great photography doesn't come form the camera but it comes from the subject and the photographer working together. That being said I look forward to working with other creative individuals who are looking for something more then just another image.

my biggest photographic influence has to be Wingate Paine, who was one of the greatest photographers of the sixties, and I can only hope to shot as good as him one day.

I Love to travel, and often travel back and froth from LA to Tucson, usually I'm in Tucson at least once a month, some times more.

Rates:I have hourly rates (contact me)
TFCD/TFP: I do selected TFP (it never hurts to ask)

-when we makes plans please stick to them, I am very understanding with notice, but not showing up is something I can not deal with. If we have plans and you don't show, I will never work with you again, that's it.

***also I think this goes with out saying but just so you know, I'm not here to date or hook up, I'm here to shoot.

look forward to working with you.


Models that I have had the pleasure to work with

Lis Bomb MM#1164745
Taje Lee MM##1869832
Zoe Meisel MM#1225275
Zandra Ann MM#1720612


14 Jun 11 23:23
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