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About Me

Update 01/01/2008--After a three month (unannounced) hiatus, I am back and ready to get into the groove again.

I'm a light bondage photographer in Philadelphia, PA. Basically, that means I take simple bondage pics (not hardcore porn or S&M). Just lovely damsels in distress. I've been doing this for about two years now and recently reopened my site.

All images are copyrighted by me for use on my website my profile on and my clips4sale/images4sale store (#5326). I will be happy to provide pics to any model I shoot who asks.

I do, as a general rule, allow chaperones so long as they are not disruptive. I always consider it a courtesy if you would inform me ahead of time if you are brining one.

Payment is always provided (have never shot TFP nor will I likely ever). Payment is generally industry standard: $50 an hour for fully clothed, $75 an hour for topless. I don't go above topless. On special cases, these rates may be negotiable.

I'm looking to do shoots in the Irving Klaw style. Best way to reach me is by e-mail.

I've recently put up the Tape Her Up 2008 Calendar for Sale! Grab it while it lasts!


Some Models I've shot with:

MM#178524 Marvel Girl
MM#8493 Tomiko
MM#55911 Tikeya
MM#11303 Savannah Costello
MM#109547 Violetta Storms
MM#1422 Jordana Leigh
MM#104911 Claire Elizabeth

OMP#58144 Miss Brooke Bound
OMP#88756 Debbie D
OMP#5557 Crystal Frost
OMP#113972 Arielle
OMP#34681 Fayth
OMP#84659 Azizah
OMP#135388 Paige Turner