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About Me

Hi! I paint portraits and figures. I would love to paint YOU! I will GIVE you a portrait in oil paint in exchange for your modeling time and a few reference photos for my file (for use in future paintings). This arrangement helps me build my portfolio, helps me improve my skills, and results in beautiful art. And you get a finished portrait to keep or give to a friend. And an addition to your resume as an artist's model!

In addition to my portfolio here, and my website, also check out my Facebook page "John Presley, Artist", and my list below of "Inspirations" to get an idea of the flavor of work I like to do. Please contact me here if you'd like to become an artist's muse!

P.S. I am NOT soliciting for nude models, and you are welcome to bring an escort to your session here at my home/studio in Chatsworth, GA.

I'd like to take the opportunity to say "THANK YOU!" to all the wonderful models credited below. I love working with you and could not progress the way I've been able to without your collaboration. I strongly recommend each of these young ladies as worthy of serious consideration by other artists and photographers looking for talented and professional collaborators.


Shida the Cheetah, Mayhem #1377705
StarrNevaeh, Mayhem #1358632
Erin Amanda, Mayhem #1307443
Jeni Aine, Mayhem #1168699
Jenny Fer, Mayhem #1127939
Caty Rice, Mayhem # 1850335
Savanna Rhinehart, Mayhem #1893423
FionaKathleen, Mayhem #1516456
Hollie W, Mayhem # 1339840
Hanna LaBritt, Mayhem #1779888
WpwizardIts, Mayhem #1951068
D0mino, Mayhem #1450024
MarcellaNicole, Mayhem #833700--"So pleased with the painting.Attention models: Anyone that has been offered the opportunity to work with this truly talented artist should consider it a privilege. :) "
Nichole Jean, Mayhem #181446
Red McCord, Mayhem #351464
Lydia Allure, Mayhem #1221610
Jamie Wilson, Mayhem #130334
The Silver Rose, Mayhem #727914
Misifuz, Mayhem #337742
Casandra Peters, Mayhem #2108284
Jessica Mary Staples, Mayhem #2091211
Whitney Danielle, Mayhem #746759
Nadira Fuller, Mayhem #2103294


23 Jul 11 15:11
Welcome to iStudio. Nice work.
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