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2nd List Mentor In Photography

Welcome to the mayhem!

Thank you for your continued interest. I would appreciate it, that if your intentions were to shoot, thay your clearly express if you want my rates or if you wish to shoot for Trade.

I do not shy away from working on a TF basis with some kick ass people, your idea will rock in my portfolio, and your concept is worth exploring; but please do not be offended when I return your inquiry with rates. They are very reasonable and I find they can fit any and all budgets!

I am shooting very Limited & Selective TF/Trade Shoots.

What I will ALWAYS SHoot:
- Zivity Sets
- Anything with a corset in it
- Anything with Latex in it
- Victorian Sets

DON'T request me UNLESS you are going to either pay me, say hi, or comment my photos. =)

Email: mayhem@carbondecay.com
Phone: 718 673 1224
Text: 718 673 1224
Web: http://www.carbondecay.com
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/carbondecay

When contacting me about a shoot, please don't just put, "LET'S SHOOT!"....
1. What kind of shoot?
2. Outfits, Makeup, Hair (ex. will it be provided or do I have to do it)
3. Compensation involved?
4. Dates and times you are available
5. A phone number and possible address of the shoot location

Aside from Photography I am a Professional Web Designer & Developer, Graphic Designer and Airbursh Artist.

I can Airbrush Temporary tattoos and would love to venture into doing Airbrush Body Painting!

My DO's & Dont's List (Will grow over time):

1. Tell me how Great I am
2. Ask to collaborate
3. Ask for my rates
4. Buy me Oreos
5. Inspire Me
6. Flatter Me
7. Buy me a beer
8. Kindly ask when your photos will be ready.

1. Waste my time
2. Ask me to shoot a full catalogue fashion shoot on TF basis
3. tickle me on a set, i may pee myself
4. compare me to other phtoographers (is like comparing me to your ex)
5. Talk about yourself
6. Ask to shoot without an idea
7. Steal my set props *******
8. ever say "Obviously" to me. hurts my feelings, and your opportunity to shoot with me
9. Demand photos within a certain period of time if you ARE NOT willing to pay for expedited Retouch Services =)
10. Go around Model Mayhem spreading RuMORS & LIES. We are supposed to be "PROFESSIONALS" try to mimic one to your best ability. Thank you. No one wants a drama queen.
10. Offer to shoot trade with me, when we both know you don't have anything I should trade with you for. Dont take things personally, my time is important, as yours is to you.

I've always wondered why:
1. Peopel are so rude on Aol Instant Messenger.

why I dislike escorts on a set
provided by:
Living Canvas

1) Distractions - Especially if it's the models b/f or husband. They need to focus on their job.

2) Interferences - Escort decides they have creative ideas too, and is bored since they're not involved in the shoot. Then they butt in and try to give advice.

3) Who are they? - You can get references for your models. How do you know exactly who they're bringing? You can't screen a person when you don't have references to check.

4) Babysitting - Ok, so the escort is wandering about unattended if they remain at the shoot area. What are they/might they be poking around in. Are they going to try and pocket some of your gear?

And I'm sure there are many other things to have to deal with that I havent even listed.



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20 Nov 09 06:35
Hi, nice port! Ruslan:)
19 Nov 09 17:13
Hi! :) Great port, has a dark tinge to it :)
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