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About Me

Why do I do what I do?
That can be a very complicated answer sometimes. In my soul, it's a simple answer. Trying to translate to words can feel impossible. I try to live by a certain principle in my life. Being truthful is very important to me and being truthful to myself and to everyone else I encounter in this journey of life is what I feel is most important to me. I shoot all types of things but I seem to concentrate on glamour, artistics and nudes. I'm starting to understand that this is more of the truth aspects of my life. When someone poses nude and especially when they've never done it often, they expose a certain side of themselves. Like a baring of the soul. Nothing to hide behind. I'd be a liar to say there isn't something sexy in that because I'm a male and males tend to like sights that are visual. But beyond that, I feel being able to capture the beauty of someone who bares themselves to you an absolute honor. Not to take advantage of. But to capture them to the best of my god given ability. I'm influenced by music a lot. I wish I had the ability to capture the emotions I feel with music but in the images I capture. That is what I strive to do and I'm at the beginning of this journey.

I'm starting a new series what I call "intimate memoirs". These will be stories created with images. These stories will push the limits of the people I capture in them. I will want to put people in real life situations and have them play them out. Someone who can act well can pull it off but I would love to have real emotion. Now saying this, I understand the world isn't where I would like it and certain people in our lives may look on these images in a negative manor. Nothing that is captured gets shown without permission. I actually see creating a public version and a private "protected" version that will be shared with the understanding people in our lives.

If anyone feels comfortable enough in themselves to go on this journey with me, then I welcome them. I'm still shooting other styles too but my concentration will definitely be in emotionally charged imagery. If someone has a visual story they would like to tell, please talk to me.

I would like to thank all the models so far who have shared themselves with me. I really appreciate it and hope I can show everyone the true beauty within and out. :-)

And if all of this rambling just went over your head, don't even worry about it. :-) Peace to all the photogs out there who share in the spirit of what I strive. I know I'm not the only one. ;-)

Oh yeah, I would love to also start capturing more couples. If you have someone you REALLY vibe with, hit me up. If not, we'll find someone for u. :-)
All folks in this for creating art and beautiful images, speak to me. :)



20 Aug 11 11:35
Luv you work!
17 Sep 09 10:14
Welcome! nice port.
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