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******it's almost here****** is launching in Nov 2010!!! Fine art collectors order the finest contemporary urban fine art nude prints from around the world!!!

I'm a photographer with a background in visual arts, fine art, fashion spreads, slam glam, fetish, and erotica I love shooting people from all walks of life! Capturing models have given me the opportunity to earn a great living to travel the world and expand my creative eye! Im always on the look for fresh models with character and personality! I shoot people. Not divas! Nor attitudes! People are beautiful of all races and I love bringing that creative process to light!

I travel often to Sweden, Copenhagen, Budapest, Prague, Ibiza, Toronto, & Montreal to shoot. Filming and shooting is my passion, so I pride myself with working with the best. Having said that, please review the following before contacting me about working with me on my next project!

* Please do NOT contact me if you are a model with a drug PROBLEM!
* Im not interested in speaking or arranging any shoots with pimps or manager boyfriend husbands who know NOTHING about capturing people on film.
* Models with a flake past, need not apply here.
* Models who have out dated photos, this is a modeling site, get with the program, find someone to take NEW photos!
* Models with a personality of dry, paint, Im not interested. Do you know how hard it is to shoot someone and develop camera chemistry with a zombie, scatter brain model? Get lost!
* Models with hygiene issues, yes, Im going there. Keep it moving.
* Models who are LATE without calling, please do NOT call me! I will NOT waste my time with someone who is wasting my time. I work with adults not KIDS! Modeling is a BUSINESS, act like it! If you are running late, call or text, failure to do so will AUTOMATICALLY cancel my shoot with you. Period!

If you are still reading this and interested in working, please drop me an email and lets talk about working on my next project.