About Me

Eithne is a freelance digital artist. She comes from the rainy isle of Ireland, not that thats interesting, but explains why she's a bit odd in the head!

Her own personal style is based in "unreality" pushing the boundaries of reality vs fantasy. Some say she does live in her own wee fantasy land.

Using a mix of manipulation and painting techniques she creates her digital art.

Clients range from publishing house, high fashion magazines to motion picture producers and directors.

* E-MAIL: on request. PM me here first.
* FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=logo#/profile.php?id=660111078&ref=profile
* MY SPACE: http://www.myspace.com/speedwobblequeen
* FLICKR: New account not availabe as of yet.
* WEBSITE: Under Construction




20 Nov 09 16:15
love your por.... your work is amazing....
30 Oct 09 17:22
I love your port, lots of personality ;) Fred-E
28 Oct 09 07:36
nice work!
23 Oct 09 07:50
You are welcome an what can I say as you have talent! Enjoy the weekend...
22 Oct 09 08:38
21 Oct 09 11:43
lol. OH! you have deviantart! :D gonna add you there :D
21 Oct 09 10:28
Welcome to iStudio, great port :)
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