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My name is Tommy Estridge. I am a retired Motion Picture/TV Property master. I am a former photojournalist who is extremely interested in photography as a art form. As you will from my portfolio, I am a PHOTOGRAPHER. That means that I am interested in many forms of expression as a photographer, not just shooting pretty girls.

All feedback/comments are greatly appreciated but PLEASE NOTE: RANDOM FRIEND REQUESTS will not be accepted!! I am here to network and want to keep my friend list composed of people I have worked with, plan to work with, or who just plain inspire me!

I am interested in gretting together with models on a TF basis to get pix for my portfilio in exchange for pix for the model’s port. I am interested in more outdoor work but will do some studio work. I am very easy to work with and have a absolutely no bullship personality. Please feel free to contact any model I have worked with for references. I am not looking for a date, I am too old for you; I just want to make you look the best I can.

If we shoot together, I will require a model release. Right after the shoot, I transfer the pictures to my computer and let you go through them, both of see what worked and what didn't ant to allow you to pick the ones (generally about 10) that you want. I will work to get these to you as hi-rez JPGS within a week. Please note: BEFORE I shoot with a model, I really prefer to meet someplace of her choosing to get to know each other and discuss what, where and when to shoot. It also greatly helps if the model has a list or lists of ideas that she likes. This gives both of us a solid base of discussion.

By the way, comments on individual pictures in my port are greatly appreciated.

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MM models I have worked with
Natasha Victoria #2038956
Courtney Marie Elmore #879646
Brittney DeLeo #1637427
Kimberley Rain #1571090
Jennifer Lynn White #1032913
Kelly Whilden #1278730
Keir M #453879
Nadia86 #168144
Miss Kels #1298378
Laura Kelly #1330571
Betzabe Arzola #722149
Pseudo Intellectual #313685
Olivia Preci #866532
Dakota Sugar Rose #622853
Iluore #592983
Mariela IV #1341356
Nicolette Kav #1330564
Alexis Maines #1393862
Julia Gauthier #1438043


14 Jun 11 01:50
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