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About Me

I love the spectrum of color and by trade I'm an artistic Floral Designer with a photography passion - I joined the Brooklyn Camera Club (Founded in 1864) to seek out like minded people that were willing to share their experience and knowledge with a freelance photograper. I'm looking to improve and add to my portfolio and to keep learning all the intricacies of digital photography as such I love to photograph Models. Some of my work involves nudity. I use nudity to achieve one or more of three different goals, depending on the shoot. One is to convey power, another to convey vulnerability, and the third is to show beauty and form.

"Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed." - William Blake


If interested in a shoot, message me and we chat more about the shoot and available dates.

Look over my port - let me know if you see something you like. I’m open minded and basically shoot anything creative. I shoot glamour, lingerie, implied and nudes, Open to any new ideas!

Some of the shoots I’m planning:
**Implied Nude
**Implied silhouettes
**Monochromatic shoots
**Artistic nudes
**Hot tub, bubble bath and shower shoots
**Lingerie, thongs, bikini sexy outfits
**Light bondage
**Models adorned with flowers (flowers scape)
**Body painting, finger-painting
**Topless in jeans at a beach / park
**Sexy swimsuits, outfits
**Ultra mini skirts / high heels
**Bar scene
**Swimming pool – bikini - nude
**ice cream sundae with all the toppings and of course a cherry on the top
**Birthday cake on the genital area composed with whip cream strawberries and candles
**Kinky stuff
**Outdoor shoots – lake, boat, forest, beach, rocks (jetty) some with implied nudity some with full nudes
**Head shots
***I will shoot tfcd

All applicants doing Nudes, erotica poses must be 18 years of age. Photo ID must shown to the photographer before the shoot and standard adult model release form will be signed by the model at the time of the photo shoot.

****** My Escort Policy READ IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

I've had a number of negative situations with escorts mainly Boyfriends, Husbands which is why I no longer allow them on Set.
I expect the Model to have enough self-esteem and motivation to shoot on her own.
We always work better and create great photos without distractions.
Escorts are a distraction to me and the Model they annoy me put me off my work.
I want to commit my time 100% to the Model.
Models are always given credit unless they have specifically requested that their name and credit be withheld


Model Mayhem Models I've Shot:
Bec Fordyce - Mayhem #661679
Maritza Velazquez - Mayhem #363866
Kitten Stella - Mayhem #693181
Aphrodite - Mayhem #576988
Kerri Taylor - Mayhem # 982
George Lamont (Singer)
Laura Lee - Mayhem #7288
Tina Latina - Mahem # 866478
Jen Marie Purnell - Mayhem # 636701
Wonderful Heaven - Mayhem # 452540
Harley Miller - Mayhem # 732514
Ashley Graham - Mayhem # 128845
Leeann Leah - Mayhem # 587301
Marlena Dee - Mayhem # 424694
Valya - Mayhem - Mayhem #1348711
Candiee Delici0us - Mayhem #1981317
Laurel Aslaken - Mayhem # 1534519
LoveMarie - Mayhem # 1648617
Becky LeSabre - Mayhem # 382161
Mia Corday - Mayhem #620538
Jessi June - Mayhem # 1430220
Gisella Heart - Mayhem # 2550966
Nattestid - Mayhem #1509895
Jasmin Hernandez - Mayhem #762733
Stephanie Fonte - Mayhem #1736914
Mylinn - Mayhem #2661362
Mai Mao - Mayhem # 120732