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About Me

Photographer of 24 years, located in NE Oklahoma. Lived in this area most of my life.

I originally started out doing artisitic lighting working with shadows and light, trying to wrap the body with just enough of both to make people want for more.

I am always looking for new people to work with, so if you enjoy the style in which I shoot, let me know so we can set up a time to do some work together.

I build, maintain and host a website each year for someone new. If you are looking to have one done for yourself, contact me so we can discuss the details. I am looking to design another one and will be choosing a model during the month of September..

Drop me an email if you have questions or comments. Oh and by the way, I always welcome feedback on my work, good or bad....

www.chegraves.com ... If your looking for more work than I have here


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