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I request one thing, please Communicate. If you don't want to shoot. Just tell me. Don't ignore my emails.
I have over 10 years of experience and have photographed hundreds of models for my website. www.glamourchest.com. I have clients all over the world that purchase prints of beautiful women(all women that i have photographed). I have over 40,000 images in my portfolio. Most of my work is in sexy clothes that make a woman look great. It's not all about being naked. I travel to los angeles and las vegas on a monthly basis to shoot in hotel room settings. I have hundreds of references. Seeking busty models to photograph. Thanks for looking. Howard


Model Mayhem models that i have worked with.

1. Valerie Cormier
2. Jordan carver -- U.K
3. Tania Amazon -- U.K
4. Jenny P
5. Jessica Barton
6. Jessica Canizales
7. Breena Rose
8. Heidi Shepherd
9. Jenny Mcclain --U.K
10. Cindy Pucci
11. Shay Fox
12. Renata Iwanski
13. Chrissy Marie
14. Janet Mason
15. CATHY2007
16. Jessi Rockwell
17. Goldie Blair - - U.k


15 Jun 11 01:21
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