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Photographer/videographer always looking for models and actresses to work with on various projects. I've been doing photography for more than 15 years as a hobby and side job, and I love it. I've shot everything from portfolios for agencies, to landscapes, to various artistic studies, to adult work. I'm hoping to meet many models for networking, future projects I have, and to help anyone shoot what they may want. Since this is a hobby first for me, I'm usually willing to do a lot of stuff for aspiring models for free, so feel free to ask if you need help building your portfolio.


01 Oct 14 02:27
Joe, your port is anything but average.I also like that you listen to our ideas and I have some with one complex. Done right, it would make an awesome layout, If you're interested, call: 321-265-1214; or rmail cheri-writer@outlook.com Thanks! Cheri
01 Sep 12 10:22
thanks for the freind request mr. average! hope to hear from ya soon:) its been awhile.
27 Sep 11 13:31
Thanks for the FR! Let's shoot, my bags are packed! ;)
10 Sep 11 21:33
Thanks for the FR. Get in touch if you're ever in need of my services! ;^)
28 Feb 11 22:41
thanks for the FR! perhaps our paths will cross during one of my upcoming adventures! ;^)
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