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About Me

My name is Nanette, and I live in New Orleans. I have been doing photography since 1995: working for a portrait studio, model test shoots, etc... I have published work and have launched some models with agengies. I come from a very artistic family and see people and nature with the eye of an artist's pallette. I am easily inspired and love to capture emotion. Interesting people intrique me, as do beautiful settings. I am a partner in an internet webstore. My photos are shot mostly with a commercial catalog style for the website. My work is focused on this website at this time. So many people have asked me to show my artistic work and I tend to show my commercial side as magicalgia is a priority. When shooting for the we require a model release as we publish images and make promotional post cards.
I shoot for a clothing website called and am always looking for fresh faces as I do all the casting for the site. We are in the process of reworking our site and are updating photos regularly. Email if interested in a photo shoot to test for the clothing site.


Model Mayhem Credits:, emma 59, ginger bella, leah 572692 unknown success, Brittney B 1308159, Princess Ambrosia, Jerrica F, Kandace Picard, April Wheat, Jade Moniquee, sweet peas, 566882, Raine, Daniela James


12 Aug 11 10:29
Would LOVE TO WORK WITH YOU SOMETIME!!! Please let me know if you are interested!!
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