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Photobucket My name Is Karyn Rhodes and I have been a Hair Stylist/Owner of Impeccable Hair Salon for over 22 years. I have worked with celebrities and models on television shows, R & B rap music videos, and my work is nationally published in several hair magazines for hair and makeup. I have also participated in several hair shows etc... My style is very creative, funky, wild, glamorous, elegant, fantasy etc... I am even interested in Avant Garde too with all lengths of hair and hair types. I also have done make up as well. I am skilled in hair care, Alopecia, precision cutting, weaving, coloring and putting that whip appeal when styling your hair. My creative side comes from being an ARTIST that can draw and paint as well. I have the natural ability to duplicate what I see, a God given talent since I was a child. Therefore creativity flows out of me in everything I do. I want to take my gifts and expertise to the next level and continue building my portfolio. My goal is to further myself by networking and working with a variety of television producers, photographers, models, agents, and other hair stylists. I will always continue growing in the hair and entertainment industry showing my talent and skills. I am here to bring my creativity to the world by mastering all concepts of hair and creating FABULOUS work continuously. Therefore doing what I do best, which is Kreativity! ; ) GOD is my number ONE priority,therefore PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO DO YOUR HAIR IF YOU KNOW THAT YOUR SHOTS ARE GOING TO BE NUDE SHOTS. TACTFUL WORK ONLY(EX. CLASSY BIKINI ETC...). I AM NOT INTERESTED AND WILL NOT POST THEM. I HAVE TOO MUCH RESPECT FOR MY LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. THANKS FOR NOT ASKING. *** I also will be accompanied by my either my assistant or a family member at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Thanks for understanding. *** I am interested in PAID but I am willing to negotiate for some TF's or TFCD's as long as it benefits my port and I receive pictures of my work at my DISCRETION! *** I charge a hair kit fee of $50.00 & up based on how many models I will be doing, for replacement of products used. I also charge a makeup kit fee of $30.00 & up based on how many models I will be doing, for replacement of make up used. Products/Makeup are expensive and please keep that in consideration. Thank You *** I am willing to travel if all expenses will be paid for NO EXCEPTIONS!!! I also require that a Hair Stylist agreement be signed prior to services being rendered. This is basically protecting myself by agreeing that I will receive pictures videos, magazines etc...(whatever I was told I would receive for my work on any photo shoot I do hair for whether it is PAID, TFCD, TF, and all Travel and Kit fees as well). *** If You would like to work with me please feel free to contact me at Impeccablehairsalon@verizon.net for my day rates on services. Follow me at http://twitter.com/ImpeccableHair and at http://myspace.com/impeccablehairsalon REMEMBER THAT WE ARE ALL BLESSED AND WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. LOVE GOD ALWAYS AND THANK HIM FOR GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! REMEMBER TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER DAILY! HAVE A BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED DAY AND MAY GOD SMILE ON YOU TODAY! THANKS 4 CHECKING OUT MY PORT! [img]http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o285/jane_doe_102/work%20stuff/3408892459.jpg[/img] I AM A [img]http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o285/jane_doe_102/work%20stuff/hairstylistSmack.gif[/img]


Ashanti's video shoot Foolish I styled several models hair including the rapper Vita.Disturbing Tha Peace video shoot Growing Pains. I styled rapper Shawna's hair.Xzibit video shoot Multiply I styled five models hair including the girl in the car with Xzibit that I braided her hair into conrows. I also lined up Nate Dogg's mustache and goatee.LL Cool J Video video shoot Luv U Better I styled the main girl and the waitress model. I worked on Soul Train with the singing group Lover assisting with their make up.I worked with Nick Cannon on Snick (Nickelodeon) I have also participated in several Hair Shows with clients ex.(The Hair Wars twice,The Hair divas etc...)Photographers that have shot my creative work on Model MayhemSavage Photo Studio MM#702054David Vendange Photograpy MM#520241J and C Photos MM#1055397RC_ Photoz MM#657264Jeff Stuart MM#507492Steve E. Harvey MM#504283Sinful flesh Media MM#1090458Sara Rae Kirkendoll MM#838088Alburtus Magnus MM#571370 The Photographer 007 MM#1145254 Rob Ryan MM#3932 Models I have worked with on Model Mayhem Kayc fife MM#684202 (I have done her hair in every photo shoot picture)Zara Ariane MM#1212655Pepi Sonuga MM#1274850Raven Elise MM#892857Yassie MM# 690829Chrissy-Marie MM#1224167Make up artists I have worked with on Model MayhemDanielle Bee MM#1152600Delia Diana MM#1010854MakeupAri MM#1307159i Kandy Makeup MM#1157815 B Beautiful B MM#1279339Wardrobe/Clothing Designers I have worked with on Model MayhemKooley Designs MM#1242503Sophisatfunk Life MM#1001232I also have print photos in Moods, Black Hair, Hype Hair, Braids & Beauty, Try It Yourself Hair, Passion, Inland Styles and Lip Gloss Teen magazine for their first printed issue coming in March 2010. I did 4 models hair. I have also worked with Kasanova Magazine on a photo shoot at a Beverly Hills Mansion doing hair for 6 models. I also worked with Kasanova on a 72ft. Yacht in San Diego and I did the hair for 4 models. I worked on a fashion show for designer Dana-Maxx at Glitter Girl in Orange County for her couture designs. I did Dana-Maxx's hair and 2 models. My work was also published in a article in the OC register newspaper. Check out the link: http://www.ocregister.com/photos/dana-d … pid2545926I worked with Mariah Wilson from Dream Girls, her mother and a rapper named Lil Mizz Sunshyne. I did their hair and makeup for a video and photo shoot for her new album coming out soon. I have also been working with her on other future videos as well up incoming.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


17 May 10 06:18
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos :)
21 Aug 09 23:30
Excellent port and photos. Keep it up. xo Marianne- WRS
21 Aug 09 21:46
Thanks you, same to you... Be sure to comment my pics and I will do tha same MP
21 Aug 09 08:29
Thank you and have an excellent weekend!!!
20 Aug 09 18:37
nice! xoxo
20 Aug 09 17:17
Great port and will comment when time permits.
20 Aug 09 17:11
Welcome aboard!
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