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Hello! My name is Zach and I am the owner of Rice Productions & Studios. I started photography about 4 years ago and working to build up my portfolio, and then opened my own company. I have now expanded from just doing photography to video productions, graphic design, website design and promotions. So if you are a model and in the KC, STL, or Chicago areas and wanna shoot, hit me up! I am currently in the US Air Force Active Duty, and run my businesses on the side. I am always up for some TFP shoots, to expand my portfolio as well. Please take a look at my portfolio and if you would be interested in working with me, hit me up! Also check out our website!

On Escorts: I have NO problem with you bringing an escort. In fact, I encourage you to bring one no matter who you shoot with. It will give you peace of mind and it will protect my reputation at the same time! If you do bring someone along, please bring a female friend. Most boyfriends are usually just bored and ready to leave, and if you have a jealous one, well... I just hate dealing with those types of people when I'm shooting. I don't want to be rushed or distracted, we will be running out to different shooting locations and I don't want to be worried that some stranger is in my place possible stealing all my stuff while I'm shooting you.




04 Jan 11 18:20
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