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Models, here's what I need to make you feel glamorous:

1.INTENSITY. It covers a multitude of lesser sins. You bring bold, daring poses, sass and eyecontact.
2.COMMITMENT. You contact me ready to shoot, today, not tomorrow.
3.ANTICIPATION. You're as wildly enraged to create something as exotic as I am.
4.PROFESSIONALISM. You're on time and prepared, for pics, not a date. You treat this like a job.
5.THE WOW FACTOR. You blow me away with your look, prep and effort, and then...
6.THE RULES: You send a MM message with your cell or call me @ 704-777-2117. I hate typing.

Bottom line: if you like my port you'll like how you look in your pics.

Aspiring and established models who can't meet these conditions may still book me @ $85/hr to deal with the incessant drama and time that it takes to coordinate free photoshoots, multiple emails and phone calls, and the occasional no-shows. It's really this simple for now: Call me.

Britt Hammett
SunCurves Photo






13 Feb 14 20:17
Amazing port! Best of luck :)
06 Sep 10 15:51
Just visiting your page to say hi and welcome! Please let me know if you're ever in need of assistance retouching your images
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