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About Me

I am the official photographer of the River City Rollergirls women's flat-track roller derby team (rivercityrollergirls.org). I have been published in local (Richmond Style Weekly Magazine) and national (Found Magazine) print media.

I am willing to travel throughout the metro Richmond, Virginia area and am looking for models wanting to establish a portfolio, which will in turn allow me to establish my own non-roller derby portfolio.

I do NOT currently have a studio and shoot almost exclusively on-location.

A few things to keep in mind:

-I do not pay models unless a client is paying me. If I am contacting you and compensation is not discussed, it is for a TF shoot.

-If you are contacting me about possibly working together, please identify what compensation you're offering. TF can be okay, but only if you're offering something that my portfolio is currently lacking.

-I am always on time and expect the same courtesy.

-I need a way to get in touch with you, preferably a cell phone but at least an email address as I communicate via BlackBerry frequently and getting to MM mail can be difficult.

-I WILL check out your portfolios. If you do not credit your photographer, chances are good I will not work with you. I credit all of my models, makeup artists, hairstylists, etc.

-My friends list here is intended to be for those models, photographers, MUAs, wardrobe specialists, hairstylists, etc. that I intend to work with, have worked with, or hope to work with. I'm not a friend collector. Please, if you're not in an area that I work in frequently (Richmond and Virginia Beach), drop me a note when you add me to let me know what's what. If you don't, I probably won't accept the request.

-I am NOT a photoshop wizard, but I do have the necessary skills to do basic retouching of your images. In other words, I do take a bit of time to edit and don't just apply a preset or action to your image and knock them out the same day. I edit in the order I shoot, but paid work will always be processed first. In any case, I can promise you'll have your images within 2-3 weeks at the absolute latest unless I inform you differently.

For my direct contact info, TEXT mbs to 50500 and you'll get a text back with my information.

And finally, this is me, so look for this face when you show up for a shoot.



Wonderful models I've worked with (* denotes additional shoots):
JHo87 1194327 / J1987 1315596
KandieA 1638653
Donald Porter bka DonP 1698516
Khadijah O'Rourke 1355215
x Samantha x 1295000
Jenn Mango 765049
Built 4 Sin 814193
Unsafebet 1794275
Christi-face* 455720
Stembot 33673
Candy23 135100
Niki Tigges-Kay* 1773125
Gwens Twin** 1280301
Diamond Lace 1740915
Seiko A 1078621
asheley ellis-alleyne 1534964
Justine Klingenberg 1708750
Sammie Soon* 466149
Malorie Mackey 1696114
Mistress Molotov 773898
Amanda C Overstreet 1680922
faemu757* 745760
Azia Toussaint 746309
Misha Miller 1642739
SuZie IreZumi* 1639147
Nawaka 1189719
siona d crawford 1571125
Jennifer Ann Miller 1406728
Esperansa de Moura 588203
Kirsten Hayden* 1440852
Rachel Dashae 98824
Geminix 1468074
Aleah-Gail 1436883
Andy Ross 1305611
Xuanie 1415864
MCLee 1448030
-N- (not MM)
Andy Virus 1003222
-Brat-** 1191552

Models that are unreliable:
TiahMarie 891578 (no show after date/time/location set)
Kimmy Khaos GD IT 1338695 (no show after date/time/location set)

Amazing photographers I've shot with:
Jeff Madden Photography 710868
Vanessa Powell 1541939
Gooner76 1160821
Sammy Soon Photography 1637699
Stern Photography 597265
Dave-T Photography 1455988
Dave Parrish 1255021

Makeup Artists that know their stuff:
Blue Rose Artistry* 1606901


06 Oct 10 18:32
Just stopping by your page to say hi and welcome! Please let me know if you are ever in need of retouching assistance
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