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About Me

I'm a screenwriter/director who has enjoyed hobbying as a photographer for over twelve years now. Recent projects have included "Piranha 3D", directed by Alex Aja, "Sorority Row" for Summit Entertainment, a Warner Bros comedy called "Man-Witch" that "Old School" director Todd Phillips is producing. I've also written and produced several TV shows, and have had other features made, including "Good Luck Chuck" with Jessica Alba and Dane Cook. Recent writing/directing credits include "Conception" from Tribeca Film (starring Julie Bowen, Connie Britton, David Arquette, Jonathan Silverman, Alan Tudyk) and the horror/thriller "Crawlspace" that will be released later this year. You can visit my home page link for to find out about other projects, take a look at my "hollywood" blog, see pictures from the sets, and most importantly, take a look at a more complete photography portfolio.

Although I sometimes shoot with strobes, most of my work is done in a completely dark room where I paint the body with hand-held flashlights, lasers, or lightbrushes. I also experiment with projection, sometimes using favorite passages (I am a writer, after all), flowers, fruit, and other found objects. Many of my models are friends but I'm always looking for interesting subjects who want to expand their portfolios or try something different. I occasionally work for hire, when girlfriends or wives want to give a special gift to their significant others, but most of the time I like to have fun and experiment, usually shooting TFP/TFCD and preparing for my own shows and future photography book. I've had a few exhibits in Los Angeles and Chicago and my work has been featured on a couple of television shows and films.

For me, photography isn't about making money (I have my "day-job" for that), it's more about getting out some creative energy -- making films moves at such a snail's pace, it's nice to have the instant creative gratification that photography provides. I'm here to share ideas and find collaborators who work in my area.

I have MANY more examples of my photography on my OMP (One Model Place) site, which I update much more regularly (a link is available through my personal website)..



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Gorgeous work!
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