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Alright guys, just went through its demo-launch and was successful. the completed page will be available within a two-week timeframe!

We are going through some reorganizing in the business, everybody is still with us, however not all of them are direct contacts.

To Contact Andrew Hager (Photographer, Designer Graphics) write to

To Contact Kimberly Schroeder (Photographer, Make-Up) write to

We will begin booking for summer sessions here in another week or two. Please bear in mind that we will ONLY do tf** IF/ONLY IF we ask you about modeling! Feel free to offer tf**, as long as you understand that it just may not be available! We will do commisioned pieces (where you design the shoot) as long as the concepts are tasteful. We are willing to shoot ARTISTIC nudes, not pornography...So be tasteful or else :-). If you are under the age of 18, you MUST contact us WITH your parent or legal guardian. Under the age of 18 we also will normally REQUIRE an adult at the session, or at least have your guardian make the appointment themselves for security reasons...Its for your protection, so just go withit. Anybody over the age of 18....We more than welcome you to bring along a sidekick. We understand that working with people that you dont know can make you a little bit apprehensive.