About Me

About Me
I am a graphic / web designer for over 10 years. After working with a lot of images, I decide to take photographs myself so I can get the shot that I want at the first time. I love to try different styles from fashion, glamour, fitness, sport to fantasy. Art is art, the only difference is the media that you use to create arts. I love to explore colour, lighting and composition through different media and techniques. I love what I do and always have tons of ideas that I want to try. For me, without art in life, the whole world is boring.

I'm looking to work with people who are willing to push the boundaries of art. Due to limited available time, I only do limited TPF. if you email me and I don’t reply or decline to shoot please don’t take it personally. In order to work with me,
1.please be professional which means SHOW UP when you make appointment with me or at least call advanced to cancel due to any emergency.
2.I do planning before the photo shoot, so I might ask you to provide some information such as, the outfits you will wear so MUA and I can create the look and style.
3.BE OPEN-MINDED, if you can't take any suggestions, we can't work together. I want to have each shoot to be a fun and creative experience.
4.I prefer working with models who do not need to bring an escort to a shoot, but I will accept this in certain situations.
5.No calls, during the photo shoot. Please value my time as you value your time, keep business as business, thanks.
6.No smoker or strong perfume please.
7. Models have to sign model release form.
8.You will get edited professional photos. Quality means more than Quantity.

Thanks for all of you take time to read my profile. Also, thanks for any comments. I won't be able to reply, but I do read and love all of them.



11 Nov 14 08:42
I am looking for part time(flexible, when you want) photographers to do paid model portfolios and internet ads with models in your area. After a review of your work, you qualify for a screening interview...email me for details.
08 Feb 12 12:11
hey, lovely portfolio! would be great to work together sometime.
29 Oct 09 01:27
Welcome to IStudio
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