About Me

Thankyou for stopping by here. Im Jose.
Photography is my passion.. I'm happy when I see something beautiful in you, click that shutter and capture that moment forever.

I'm here to build good working relations with models, MUA's etc.

When I shoot my style is laid back and no pressure..

Before a shoot the most asked question I get is: Do you have any style or theme in mind? Usually I don't. I like to go to a shoot and work with whats there.. I let the model be my inspiration on the day.

As you can see in my port I do favour portraits. I think a portrait is the best way to showcase a model. I will usualy shoot some portraits no matter what style or theme we decide on.

As a model if you are good at photoshop I usually don't mind you altering my images but please ask first. Also the image should be recognisable as mine. If I like what you did I may even ask you for a copy of it..

TFCD TFP is no longer available. Rates are reasonable.

I have a very talented MUA & Hair Stylist however she does charge for her services.
From time to time we will pick a model from our friends list for TFCD if it suits our needs at the time.

Failing to turn up for a shoot for any reason means that you wont be asked again. I think thats only fair as I go to considerable trouble to setup a shoot and when models cancel it makes it hard for everyone. On the bright side it makes me appreciate those that do the right thing a lot more.

A big thank you to everyone I have worked with on MM and an even bigger THANKYOU to a wonderful MUA.

Captured Forever Photography

Its official now! Melissa from Storytells make-up and hair has joined forces with Captured Forever Photography. Together we can now offer a complete package.


Ohh one more thing! If you came this far why not look at my Port and leave some comments.. Its always nice to get some feedback. Thanks!

If you have had a photoshoot with me recently you may be able to see more of your photos here.

Models that I worked with recently. Actress / Model Andie B and Samii La Morte.
Thankyou both!

My most photographed model and friend with the best smile and hair on MM Mika Mischka Thankyou!
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Loan Pham Model
Lyn Model
Laura Model
Yolanda Model
Betty Model
Katherine Model
Robyn Model
Gemma Model
Ametha Model
Christine Yang Model
Elysa M Model
Hannah Rowlands Model
Karen Nash Model
Sofia Loren Model
Robyn & Christine Models
Mika Mischka Model
Shaun Harvey Model
Georgia Mortimore Model
Teresa TT Model
Wei Blue Model
Dawn Model
Elizabeth Height Model
Melissa MUA
Caitlin Morey Model
Gypsy Rose Lee Model
Febi (Singapore) Model
Zoe Hui Model
Britt Harris Model
Jess Lily Model
Sasha Nichole Smith Model
Jessica Prinzi Model
Andie B Actress / Model
Samii La Morte Model
The beautiful Miss M Model


01 Aug 11 06:37
Shame you are in Australia, would love to shoot with you sometime!
01 Oct 10 08:31
Hey i love your work, I'm interesed in working with you some time.
23 Sep 10 11:14
great ports..!!
21 Sep 10 10:00
Excellent work
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